Planning a wedding is a huge task and we’re hoping to make it a little easier by having some of our favorite vendors share some information. (We also think they are some of the best in the business.) Be sure to check back every Monday for another installment which will include info about flowers, transportation, venues, entertainment, wedding planning, videography and more!


Our second guest post for 2014 is by Heather from Grace Limo.  Heather brings us some insight on the “unplugged”  versus the “super-charged” wedding.




Hey there everyone, it’s Heather with Grace Limo popping in to give you a little something to think about as you prepare for your upcoming wedding! There are a lot of fun and unique trends to watch for this coming season, such as the naked cake, break dancing entertainers, post-nuptial formal portraits (don’t trash that dress!), and rustic woodsy décor. But there is one trend that we think deserves some extra discussion.


The terms “unplugged” and “super-charged” may ring a bell to you, but in case you’re not familiar with them, let’s go over what they mean and the pros and cons of each. The unplugged couples are often requesting that their guests check phones and other digital media at the door before joining their festivities, they prefer a more private and intimate gathering. On the other hand, we have the super-charged couples who advertise their custom hashtags so you can post their photos the second they cut that wedding cake, they may even provide fancy charging stations at the reception!


As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to each extreme, and somewhere in the middle is a nice compromise. One thing that will be important is to include your photographer in the discussion and find out what they think of these trends.


The unplugged wedding does not have many downsides. The only two I can think of are the possibility of making guests uncomfortable if you ask them to check their phones at the door, and the fact that you won’t have as many photos of your wedding. But quantity does not compare with quality. On a positive note, you will have complete control over the photos that are shared from your special day, and guests will be focused on you instead of their Facebook pages.


The super-charged wedding is good for that couple who is all about sharing their life with the world, they love the latest and greatest technology. These couples want to shout it from the rooftop and will have photos from every imaginable angle being posted as the wedding day unfolds. There are a couple of considerations if you choose this route. Keep in mind that you will have no control over the content of the photos that will be posted and associated with your wedding. Also, guests may end up being more focused on their media instead of you.


If you’re looking for a nice compromise, you might consider the following. Politely ask guests to refrain from photos at your ceremony, and set aside an hour of the reception where they can go wild taking their own photos…even make it a “guest photo contest hour.” Most importantly, be sure you discuss all possibilities with your photographer so that their shots are not compromised by your guests’ efforts. Above all, make sure your wedding is a reflection of you and your wishes. Have fun and congratulations!