1. How did your fiance propose to you?

I knew it was coming, we had had the ring designed, he was just determined to surprise me, we went on a string of dates, I expected it every time and it never happened. Then one morning we had a fantastic breakfast at the Blue Water Cafe at Imhoff Farm, he took me for a walk to a secluded bench surrounded by lavender bushes.. He proceeded to say beautiful and meaningful things and I saw him reach for his pocket (he tried to do it all at the speed of light) but I rugby tackled him into the grass screaming “YES!” Before he could get the whole question out. It was just magical!

2. What was your favourite thing about the planning process?

My husband and I discussing all our ideas and preferences together and doing exactly what WE wanted. Not anyone else. Our wedding was completely “us” themed. I LOVED that! And also buying and shopping for wedding stuff in Australia with my mom!


3. And your least favorite thing?

The decor company I hired from was a huge let down, the afternoon before my wedding. We had 2 people to help set up and my stands weren’t big enough to cover the walls, they were tacky and kept falling over, I hit absolute hysterics and tears, but we resolved it in the end. Frikkie and my family jumped in to help and the venue was just magical in the end. My advice: NEVER arrange decor over emails and photo’s and the internet. Choose a company close to you, and badger them to see EVERYTHING! Don’t just take their word for it.

4. Describe your wedding:

We chose a sort of white-washed-beach-theme.. Everything was white, silver/crystal and turquoise blue. It was late autumn, we had a garden wedding under a white bedoin tent. I had “surprise” elements (because its me & I LOVE cerise pink!) Of pink for a bit of a change.. I had a pink garter, frangipani flowers scattered down the isle and on my cake and of course pink killer heels!


5. What inspired your wedding theme, decor and colours?

I wanted a gender-neutral theme.. I wanted Frikkie to be completely involved & we both LOVE the vintage-beach-white-washed vibe.. It was just so beautiful! We also had our photos taken on Noordhoek beach at sunset :)


6. How involved was your fiance in the planning process?

Oh he was involved in EVERYTHING. We got together every week and compared notes and check-lists (we each had half a big checklist) and we both had a say in everything.

7. And your family and bridal party?

My mom was very involved, even from across the world (she live in Australia) but she found our venue, she bought a lot of my decor from there, she helped me find my shoes, she bough my hair accessories and makeup etc. Frikkie’s family also got very involved in helping me put together my Reception Venue, my programs and menu’s and signs etc. My sister in law, Welmie, also did a beautiful engagement shoot with us! They were all so amazing and supportive!


8. If you had to redo your wedding, would you change anything?

Nothing at all. I loved every minute. Even the mistakes and mishaps. It was all part of the day and part of the fun. I just adored my wedding day! I still watch my dvd on a regular basis hehe

9. What was your most memorable moment at your wedding?

When I got to he end of he isle, I looked up at Frikkie and he was choking back tears, I completely forgot what I was supposed to do, I started crying and left my poor mom standing there (she walked me down the isle) I proceeded to hand my flowers to Frikkie, not my maid of honor and march up the steps hahaha! I messed up so badly but it was still awesome!


10. Any advice for brides planning a wedding?

-Give yourself ample time to plan. No you don’t have to know what you want, half the fun is figuring it out and seeing what’s available to you out there- its amazing! -Just relax!!!

-Enjoy your time being engaged, you only get to do it once.

-Enjoy your time planning your wedding, its such a wonderful bonding time and you get to spend time with your family.

-Choose what makes YOU happy. Smile and nod at what others suggest/recommend but at the end of the day, its YOU that’s getting married. Enjoy it and make the most of it!

-And enjoy your day. Something someone told me, that I still remember, stop every now and again and take in everything that happens on the day, it goes by so fast. Enjoy it and relish it! Those memories stay with you


Wedding date: 14th April 2012