Love recognises no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” —Maya Angelou

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As promised, here are our top five considerations for wedding planning:

1) Location

Determining the perfect location will depend on whether you envision having a traditional church, mountaintop or beachfront destination. It will also depend on whether you want a huge production or an intimate guest list of close family and friends.

2) Budget

Find different ways to save money. Depending on your venue, you may not need to decorate extensively. You could also save money by holding your ceremony and your reception in the same place. You’ll save yourselves multiple site fees as well as transportation from one location to the other.

3) Colours

Whatever your situation you can usually incorporate your favourite colour, or a tint or shade of that colour, into your your wedding invitations, your table decorations, your flowers and your bridesmaid dresses. Whether you want something more contemporary or co-ordinated, the season you decide to marry will help you decide.


4) Vows

What do you want to say to each other? If you choose to write your own vows, write from the heart, be yourself, keep it short and practice. Sometimes excitement or nerves can make you say something that you didn’t plan on saying. If you feel that you might mess up because of nerves, write your vows and read them out.

5) Sending out thank you’s

Try not to leave important people out and thank anyone who hosted a party or shower for you. Remember people who house or entertain your wedding guests. You could also thank suppliers who exceed your expectations and of course your parents or whoever is hosting your wedding. Framed engagement photographs are usually a lovely gift with a personal touch.