When you’re planning a handcrafted wedding chock full of personal details, your wedding initials are one accent not to be overlooked! You can use your wedding initials in a variety of ways, from the entry to your ceremony to the favors at your reception. You can even use your monogram as a unique guest book ideas. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up twenty-one of the most unique uses for wedding initials including some you’ve probably never seen before. Which of these finds inspires you most? Will you be using your wedding initials in your decor?

Wedding Initials: 21 Unique Ways to Use Them

1. Large Over-sized Letters

A set of over-sized wood letters (you can find huge wood letters at Hobby Lobby) is all you need to show off your initials. Snap a photo, like this, and you can have it printed as thank you cards after the wedding.

The couple used their wedding initials as a photograph, which can be printed as thank you cards after the wedding. (photo: jasmine amber)

photo: jasmine amber photography

2. On Your Invites

Kick off your wedding with an ultra-personalized touch, like invitations with your initials right on the front.

Use your wedding initials as part of your wedding invitation design for maximum personalization. Invites by Diva Gone Domestic.

diva gone domestic

3. To Decorate Desserts

Macarons are even lovelier when your initials are included right on the top.

Add a personal touch to your desserts with your wedding initials.  These macarons look too pretty to eat! Photo: Ryan and Heidi.

photo: ryan + heidi via style me pretty

4. On Cufflinks

Gift your groom with a pair of custom cufflinks that include your wedding initials on them.

Gift your groom with a pair of cufflinks that include your wedding initials.

white truffle studio

5. As Decor Using Nails + Yarn

Create a wall decor piece guests will love using wood, nails, and yarn. This one spells out the couple’s wedding initials and the date.

Create unique nail art for your wedding using nails and yarn to spell out your wedding initials. Photo: J. Nichols.

photo: j. nichols via wedding chicks

6. Wedding Initials as a Cake Topper

Add your initials to the top of your cake for added personalization.

Display your wedding initials on top of your cake for added personalization.

hello plum studio

7. On Favor Boxes

Give favors a handcrafted touch with these unique boxes: they are custom made to include your initials on the front.

Include your wedding initials in unexpected places at your wedding, such as your favor boxes.


8. On Your SHOES.

Love TOMS? You’ll love them even more when they’re hand-painted with your initials on the sides. I’ve heard so many good things about TOMS shoes lately that I’m totally adding it to my wish list. (I hear they’re super comfortable — if you have them, leave a comment below with your thoughts!)

Skip boring shoes and opt for custom TOMS!  Have them hand-painted to include your wedding initials for maximum personalization.

capslock tuesday

9. As a Mossy Backdrop

Your ceremony becomes a more unique, totally-you space when you add mossy monograms and floating hearts.

A mossy backdrop can include your wedding initials at your ceremony.  I love the hanging hearts, too.


10. Around Your Neck

Whether you wear it on the wedding day or beyond, this necklace featuring your initials is pretty darn cute.

Your wedding initials can be worn around your neck thanks to these pretty script letters.

lala design studio

11. On Favor Bags with a Stamp

Add your wedding initials to your favor bags, tags, and more with a made-just-for-you stamp.

Add your wedding initials to save the date cards, favors, and more with a stamp.

once upon supplies

12. To Seal Invitations with Wax

Add a custom initial to your invitations using wax. These seals are perfect!

Personalize your invitations with your wedding initials, sealed on the back with wax.

back to zero

13. Embellished on your Ring Holder

Have your ring bearer carry this ring holder down the aisle instead of a pillow. It features your wedding initials and becomes a safe place for holding your rings after the wedding (when washing hands or cleaning).

Instead of a ring pillow, have your ring bearer carry a ring holder instead.  Have it personalized with your wedding initials and you'll have a keepsake gift for your home.

elise thomas designs

14. On Vow Books

Don’t worry about memorization when you can write (and commemorate) your vows on these beautiful vow books. The cover even includes your wedding initials for a personal touch.

Write your vows in a rustic inspired vow book, like this one that features your wedding initials on the front.

photo: redwall photography, vow books: pnz designs

15. Displayed on Program Box

A simple wood box becomes a pretty place to store your programs when your initials are added to it.

Embellish a wood box with your wedding initials using a wood burning tool, or have one custom made.

dlightful designs

16. As Centerpiece Decor

Your wedding initials become charming centerpiece decor with the use of a chalkboard and a tabletop easel.

Decorate your centerpieces with a personal touch, like your wedding initials on a small chalkboard attached to a tabletop easel.

photo: krystal mann via rustic wedding chic

17. On a Sign at Your Ceremony

A simple wooden sign can become a decor piece for your ceremony arch: just use paint on a piece of wood to display your initials.

Decorate your ceremony arch with a custom wood sign featuring your wedding initials hand-painted on.

via wedding bells

18. Spelled Out in Petals

Spell out your wedding initials in petals! This is a unique idea we haven’t seen done before.

Instead of an aisle runner, use petals to spell out your wedding initials. Photo: The Minnericks.

photo: the minnericks via maharani weddings

19. Initials on your Aisle Runner

Include your wedding initials on your aisle runner as a personalized accent.

An aisle runner can be an unexpected place for personalizing:  add your wedding initials for a handcrafted touch.

custom aisle

20. Wedding Initials on Chair Backs

Instead of a traditional chair sign, use your wedding initials to embellish the backs.

The back of your chair is an unexpected place to include wedding initials. I love this look!

lucky you lucky me

21. On Your Ring

Whether you inscribe on the inside or out, your initials on your wedding ring is a cute touch.

Include your wedding initials on your wedding band.

happy go licky

Happy Planning!