Much like high school for most people, the 1980s were either the most epically awesome decade or the the most dismally disappointing. Generally it depends on whether or not you like big hair, loud clothes, and power ballads. But whether you love them or hate them, the 80s undeniably had their own style, their own sense of awesome. The 80s didn’t care what anyone thought. The 80s were bold, wild, and free. And wedding dresses of the decade certainly reflected that. Let’s take a look at 10 of some of the 80-est 80s dresses on the internet!

What the bridesmaids lost in sleeves, the bride found. Giant puffy sleeves were all the rage back then. Giant everything, really: sleeves, veils, hair. Bows, too, apparently. Short dresses were pretty epic also. 80s brides were like, “She got legs, and she knows how to use them!” Wait, no, that was ZZ Top…

Speaking of giant everything, This bouquet resembles the one Princess Diana carried on her wedding day. Princess Di really set the tone for weddings in much the same way as Princess Kate is inspiring beautiful lace dresses today. Her long train, poofy sleeves, and fairytale princess style convinced millions of Generation X girls to go all out on their wedding dresses. Whoa! Almost forgot to mention that veil! Check that thing out!

Ah the 80s, always loving weird cuts that turned women into boxes with abnormally long torsos. Shiny boxes with abnormally long torsos.

The pastels! The little hats hanging on for dear life! The  bride sitting in the melted remains of 78 gallons of Cool Whip!

We especially love kids’ fashion from the 80s. Frills, flowers, and drowning in fabric. Add the little shroom-bowl cut haircuts and those are some classic 80s flower kids.

Now, bridesmaids dresses have always been the best way for a bride to put her friends in the back seat for a while. The shinier, the poofier, the less flattering the better. Add some useless umbrellas and you’ve got three gals who you know will stick by you through thick and thin.

And speaking of shinier and poofier… Star Wars 5 and 6 came out in the early 80s, and may have inspired these bridesmaids dresses. Think about it, if C3-PO ever got married, these would totally match his style! We could even see that event happening in the Mel Brooks “Spaceballs” universe, with these ladies as Dot Matrix’s bridesmaids.

What more is there to say, really, about big hair and poofy sleeves? The little short gloves were popular back then, too. The only sad thing about this whole picture is the fact that the lady on the right has her eyes closed. Too bad smart phones and digital cameras weren’t around back then, but even Instagram couldn’t deflate those pink shoulder marshmallows.

Somehow the 80s even managed to declass something as classy as the simple black dress. We’re not entirely sure if this is thick lace or if it’s got sequins threaded on. The chokers and shoulder pads really bring it all together though, that’s for sure.

And last but not least, a themed wedding! Who wouldn’t want Mrs. Claus clones surrounding them on their big day?? The one on the left knew this was a bad idea before it was even spoken out loud.

Well, if the 80s gave us anything, they gave us a never-ending supply of hilariously bad fashion and style choices to reminisce about! Thanks for chuckling with us today!