Wedding Cake Wednesday: Bold, Colourful Cakes That Will Make You Say “Wow!”

Posted by  on Feb 19, 2014 in Cake Decorating |

In the past few years, brides and grooms have been pushing the boundaries on what is “acceptable” at a wedding. White and pastels are no longer the only colors used to celebrate a new marriage. Bold, bright colors are increasingly being chosen over more traditional color palettes, and the aesthetic is transferring over to bold, colorful wedding cakes. And we love it!

With so many new techniques, mediums and classes, cake decorators are pushing their imaginations further and learning how to successfully execute bold, new wedding cake designideas.

Here are bold, colorful wedding cakes that are sure to make a statement:

Ruffled Orange Cake - Craftsy Member ProjectPhoto via Craftsy member Karina Golovin

Fire and ice

The stunning ombré design by Craftsy member Karina Golovin incorporates Maggie Austin’sFondant Frills, but pushes it farther as the frills wrap up the back side of the cake and the autumn flowers sparkle up the front, giving the cake a fire-like effect.

Craftsy Member Project: Tiered Bold Lace Cake Anemone Flowers Cake via Craftsy member Manal Cakes

Black and white anemones

The sleek black fondant stands out beautifully against the white piped lace and bright white anemones perched atop this cake in a beautiful off-set arrangement. Learn how to beautiful, edible anemones like the ones seen here, along with peonies and tulips, in the Nicholas Lodge’s Craftsy class Classic Sugar Flowers.

Tiered Fashion-Inspired Cake by Craftsy Member

Photo via Craftsy Instructor Joshua John Russell

Fashion inspired

This is a cake you could stare at for hours with all of the details and textures involved. Joshua John Russell, instructor of the Craftsy class Fashion-Inspired Fondant, is the cake fashion king and holds his title high with this amazing cake.

Chevron Valentine's Cake Design - Craftsy MemberPhoto via Craftsy member summernoelle

Love is in the air

This pink, red and silver sweetheart cake by Craftsy student Summer Noelle blends perfectly the techniques learned in both Jessica Harris’s Simply Modern Cake Design and the fondant ruffles taught in Maggie Austin’s Fondant Frills. The execution and design speak to the heart and make a beautiful statement of love and modern romance.

Silver Cake with Black Stenciling Photo via The Sugar Suite

Platinum rose

This brushed platinum four-tiered cake by The Sugar Sweet elegantly displays modern femininity with its bold black overlay and large highlighted scarlet sugar rose.

Black and White Cake with Bold Flowers - Craftsy Member Cake

Black and white cake via Craftsy member Alex Narramore


Thick black and white stripes on double tiers grab your eye and draw you in, while the beautiful pink sugar peonies balance the design and make a statement of their own.