Best of 2013 — The Bridesmaids

I’m amazed we don’t have more broken ankles on a wedding day. I mean, come on. I’m thinking to myself, “Ok, these ladies just spent four hours getting ready. They’re in heals. They’re wearing a dress. They’re freezing. Nah, they wouldn’t want to risk it all for this crazy shot.” And, to my constant surprise–I’m wrong. These girls will do anything for a fun photo and are always the life of the party.
We love meeting with the bride and groom before the wedding and hearing how fun their bridal party is going to be. And the ladies always prove themselves to be a fun bunch to work with. As photographers, we love nothing more than people who love being in photos and making them fun and memorable (except, perhaps, that occasionaly bridesmaid who maybe wants to be in a few too many photos).
We’re always looking for fun new poses and always know we can count on these ladies to make it happen. If you’re a bridesmaid for 2014, get those ideas cooking so you can be in the best of for this year!