Dave Shannon / Dave Shannon Music, Edmonton, AB.

In my 25+ years offering wedding services, I have come to recognize those smart wedding couples who value the importance of an expert wedding DJ, and they are the ones who treat me as the pro that I am and who understand how I can “make or break” their wedding reception, (no pressure there!) Couples continually looking for the “best deal” don’t have a true appreciation of what it is I actually do. A true wedding DJ pro has learned, and now knows by instinct, just how to read a constantly changing and evolving party with all its’ many variables. This is a skill that takes many years to acquire.

Many times when a couple’s “budget” is 1/2 of what a professional Edmonton DJ charges, I ask the wedding couple if they’ve considered saving the money and doing the music themselves. The usual response is that it’s too much work and they want a pro wedding DJ. Well herein is the problem. I provide a “champagne” service and when I’m being offered “beer money”, then we are already speaking different languages. Expert wedding DJs charge more money because they are worth it and deserve to be compensated for their years of skills.

No matter what, weddings are expensive – under $10,000 on the low end and in excess of $50,000 and more on the high end. Only you can decide what value you place on your wedding night’s entertainment. I recently had a couple book me who have a summer wedding coming up at a very modest Edmonton community hall but the bride was strongly advised by her mother NOT to skimp on hiring a quality wedding DJ, (smart Mom!) I also recently had a bride contact me who is holding her wedding reception at the fabulous Hotel Macdonald, only to tell me her DJ “budget” is 1/2 of what I’ve quoted them – and I’m extremely competitive in the Edmonton DJ market. All couples choose their priorities and what’s most important to them.

Right now I’m working with a bride whose spring wedding will be held at a high-end, mountainous venue, 4 hours from Edmonton – and that doesn’t come cheap and neither do I to travel that far and to offer my skills and expertise. So far in my dealings with her, nothing has been expected for free and my value as a pro expert wedding DJ has been completely respected. I can guarantee you that if a bride is willing to recognize my skills and talents, then she will receive nothing but the best from me – both in the many, many months of us working together in the pre-planning stages and, most importantly, my very best on her most special day! Just today this spring bride commented on how happy she is with my customer service – and that makes it all worth it and the result is me as a very happy wedding DJ :-)

Ultimately, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. My only request for that bridal couple who doesn’t hire a service like mine, and instead goes for that really cheap, inexperienced Edmonton DJ, who then provides a less than professional service, is to make sure any of those wedding guests don’t contact me, looking for an Edmonton wedding DJ, and then tell me about that terrible DJ who sucked – or ruined – that wedding reception. As always, my response is: how much experience did he have, did he have references – and most importantly – how much did he cost?!

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