save the date card

One of the first steps in the wedding process is letting your guests plan for your coming wedding. A wedding save-the-date card is the pre-invitation that announces your wedding to your future attendants and let’s them know that they will be invited to celebrate your special day with you. Here are some helpful tips to remember when sending out your wedding save-the-date cards:


1. When do I send out my wedding save-the-date cards?

If you are planning to use save-the-date cards for your wedding, they need to go out to your future guests six to eight months before your wedding. We highly recommend sending wedding save-the-date cards if you are planning to have a destination wedding or if the date falls on a holiday or common vacation time. This will give your invitees plenty of time to plan for your celebration!


2. What do I include on my wedding save-the-date cards?

The key items to put on save-the-date cards are the bride and groom’s name, the date, the location, a line letting the guest know that an invitation is on the way, and a link to your wedding website (if you have one). If you are planning on a destination wedding or if you have guests that are going to be flying in for your big day, you can add things like flight and hotel information, weather expectations, detailed contact information, and a list of things to bring. This information can also be added to your wedding website.


3. Any ideas for how my wedding save-the-date cards should look?

There are thousands of designs for wedding save-the-date cards.Ehow provided some popular ideas for your save-the-date cards are:
Photo cards – they feature an engagement photo which guests love to see.
Boarding pass design – cards designed like boarding passes if you are having a destination wedding are the perfect way to get your guests excited for a celebration away.
Matching designs – a save-the-date that matches the design of your invitation sets the tone for your wedding and gives the guest an idea of what to expect.
Fridge calendars/magnets or bookmarks – giving your guests something that they can keep and use regularly ensures that they will not forget your wedding date.

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