You’ve found the guy, gotten the ring, and chosen a date. Now, it’s time to begin planning the most important day of your life thus far: your wedding! While it can be exciting and emotional, it can also be overwhelming because brides are instantly faced with making multiple decisions. Hiring a professional planner is a fabulous way to make those decisions much easier!

A common misconception is that planners are simply an unnecessary expense, especially for the bride on a budget. This leads many brides to reluctantly take on all the stress themselves in order to save a little. However, while a planner is yet another expense to work into your budget, they are extremely important when it comes to making the entire planning process enjoyable, stress-free, and even saving you money in the long run! Because many brides are so hesitant to hire a planner, because of the extra expense, Hype Events wants to give you a few reasons why using a planner for your wedding will make the planning process fun, easy, and budget friendly!

1. Budget
The first and most important factor, when you begin planning, is establishing your budget. Planning a wedding on a budget can be daunting to a bride. Although, to many, it seems like a wedding planner is not the best way to spend money, we can actually help you save money in the long run. We will help you set a budget and do whatever we can to help you stick to it, stretching your dollars as far as they will go.

2. Stress
A planner takes on the stress, so you don’t have to. We will be the point person with all your vendors so you only have to deal with one contact. We will coordinate all of the meetings and be there to remember the details and ask the right questions. We will help you keep a timeline, stick to your budget, and do the dirty work. Most importantly, we will be there on the big day to make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can be with your new husband, family, and friends…worry free.

3. Vendor Relationships
Planners work on multiple events and have established relationships with vendors of all types – photographers, DJ’s, florists, caterers, etc. Not only are we able to spend time researching and meeting with vendors to know the best that’s out there for every budget, but we also refer couples to vendors constantly. As a result of all of these referrals, a vendor is more likely to negotiate with a planner since they can give them repeat business.

4. Experience
We are in the unique position to know what things should cost in every range. We can tell you if you can find a quote closer to your budget, or if that “expensive” vendor really isn’t so expensive after all. We know what questions to ask your vendors and how to schedule the day, so that you can get your photos taken, your guests fed, your speeches completed, and everyone out on the dance floor!