(Thanks to Kaila and the crew at Jessica Hair Extensions in Toronto for this awesome guest blog!)

Getting hair extensions have been in vogue for a really long time. For several years, the real human hair that was collected was used for creating extensions to the hair of the person. People who normally have short hair and those who wish that their hair were much longer for particular occasions usually go for a hair extension process. Based on the choices of the person, there are lots of varieties of hair extensions to choose from, like variety in color, texture, volume and suitability for different hairdos.

People have a choice between using real human hair or synthetic hair for their hair extensions. For so long the advantages and the disadvantages of both the products have been in debate. People have varied views on the topic. Few favor the real human hair to the synthetic while the others choose just the opposite. There are good arguments on both sides overall.

A survey suggests real human hair extensions last for approximately 1 year if proper care is taken, while a synthetic hair extension is seen to last only for 1-3 months approximately. Since human hair extensions are the same as that of a person’s hair, they can be easily styled with any of the heating tools like the hair straightener or the curling iron, whereas synthetic extensions are seen to melt on heating, though heat friendly synthetic extensions have been introduced.

Most of the human hair extensions are chemically treated, it makes it easy to color treat them but the extensions tend to lose their integrity. In the case of synthetic hair extensions, color treatment can lead to irreparable damage to it. The former is likely to start falling during rains or humidity just like a person’s hair, while the latter does not undergo any damage meaning that the style is already preset. When both are compared on the basis of price, we can say that real human hair extensions are way more expensive than the synthetic hair extensions.

Due to its styling versatility and its natural look, human hair extensions are the most favored. They can be permed, curled or straightened depending on the occasion. It simply means that it can withstand the treatment that is normally done to the hair of a person. On the other hand, though heat sensitive synthetic hair extensions have been introduced, they are not favored much by the people since there is a feel that it does not look really natural when compared to the real human hair extensions. Also another plus to the real hair is that, it does not usually fade with time and wear while a synthetic extension does.