If I Could Plan My Wedding All Over Again…

It was a conversation I had with the ladies at playgroup a couple of months back, we were talking about if we had any regrets about our Wedding Day.

Honestly, my Wedding Day couldn’t have run any smoother. I was up early with my sisters (my two bridesmaids) sipping champagne while having fun getting our photos taken and having our hair and makeup done.

I remember feeling like I wanted to vomit in the limo on the way to the ceremony, there were points when I just wanted to jump out of a moving vehicle. I don’t know if it was nerves or how tight the bodice of my dress was. (can you tell I feel this way by the photo?) The limo driver was awesome though.

I pulled up fashionably late, had both of my parents walk me down the isle to see my future husband to be sucking in the big ones.

We said our vows, had a few chuckles, signed our lives away and it was done.

But then there was the issue of the guests…

When it comes to the guests at our Wedding, this is something I would change and have always thought about since our Wedding. We had a large guest list (well I think it was large), 119 guests to be precise. If I had the chance to plan my Wedding all over again, there would definitely not be 119 guests! You see, our parents insisted that they invite their friends too, people we probably have only seen once since our wedding in 2009. If I had my way again, I would try to be more restrictive. It’s not nice to look at photos of your wedding with people in it you hardly know or have little to do with in your life. I don’t think some of them have even met Elliott.

There were also what I’d call acquaintances that we invited too, and again, these are people we’ve hardly seen since our wedding; this included a couple that didn’t show due to sickness and never got in contact with us again after the wedding.  Another friends partner didn’t show either, he had to stay home with their dogs because the dogs were eating toads, a few hundred dollars down the drain at least, but that’s another story. Many acquaintances were invited because they were a part of a ‘group’ of friends, I wish we had reconsidered having close friends only. It’s a shame really.

My advice to anyone planning a wedding and at the stage of writing the guest list is to invite the people closest to you. Really think about what they mean to you and where they fit into your life, how they have impacted your life?

When planning a wedding, it’s not about the size of the wedding that matters, maintaining popularity or throwing the ‘best party’, it’s about celebrating one of the most important days of your life with people that matter the most. If you feel bad about not inviting someone, why not invite them to the Engagement party and if they don’t understand why they’re not invited to the Wedding, well then they’re just not worth it are they?

And so the night went on, great photos were taken,  the decor looked wonderful, the food was great, there was plenty of dancing and drunken antics, certainly a day which I hold fond memories. I remembered to take a moment to survey the room, the tables, the guests and the atmosphere, this memory is like a Polaroid in my mind to this day. This would be one of my best pieces of advice for the day, take a moment to stop and take it all in.

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