Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the greatest days of your entire life. That’s why we spend so much money on dresses and tuxes and food and photographers and so forth. At the end of it all, it’s all worth it because your special day as newlyweds was nothing short of a fairytale. But what happens when things quickly turn into a nightmare not long after the wedding day has come and gone? It can very well happen if you spend a fortune on wedding photos that you end up hating.

How to Not be Disappointed in your Wedding Photos

It’s every bride and groom’s worst fear – the photos have come out horrible and you can hardly find more than two frames that you would feel comfortable with hanging up in public or adding to a wedding album. All of those beautiful moments and you have nothing to look back on as you grow older.

Don’t want to become one of these couples? You don’t have to if you follow some of these simple guidelines fromOffbeat Bride:

Make Sure that You’re Choosing a WeddingPhotographer – When you are trusting someone with the precious moments at your wedding, you want to make sure that wedding photography is their specific specialty. Wedding photographers are of an entirely different breed and can almost always tell when a tender moment is about to happen. Don’t hire a food photographer for your wedding and think you’re going to get quality results.

Let your Friends and Family Members be Guests – It’s understandable that you may consider enlisting the help of your photographer cousin to save money in the wedding budget but consider the fact that this isn’t exactly fair to him. Photographers hardly ever get to just be guests at a wedding. Even if they offer, chances are high that they’re doing so to be polite and wouldn’t mind if you turned them down.

Have your Guests Unplug – At least for the ceremony. So many people are overly-concerned about getting the best shot and proving that they were a part of this special day by being one of the first to post snapshots on Instagram. Not only do they take the actual experience of being there away from themselves, but many of them will often get in the way of the professional photographers who you have actually paid to take these photos. You may want to consider asking your guests to put their devices away at least until after the first kiss.

Delete your Pinterest Wedding Board – It’s painful, but it needs to happen. Though you’ve spent countless hours putting this board together, the planning process is over and it’s time to simply enjoy your wedding day. If you obsess over getting your wedding to look exactly as it does in the pictures you’ve pinned or if you try to clone every wedding party pose you’ve ever seen, you’re just going to be disappointed. Those weddings aren’t yours, which means that your photos won’t end up looking the same – and nor should they!