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Whether you’ve had a crystal-clear wedding vision since the age of four, or you’re walking into the process with less-than-zero idea of what you want, wedding planning can get daunting fast. But before you reach for that ice cream tub and turn on TLC, take a deep breath and read our tips for staying calm, cool, and collected throughout the planning process.

Consider a planner 
Call it an obvious recommendation, but if it’s within your budget to hire a wedding planner to guide you through the process, consider it. For you, planning a wedding is likely a never-been-done-before occurrence. For wedding planners it’s an everyday thing. Statistically speaking that means you have a lower chance ofbreaking out in stress hives while contemplating centerpieces.

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Stay on track
Have you seen our personalized wedding checklist? It’s a simple way to keep track of your wedding to-dos, customized to your timeline. While you may feel averse to the concept at first, we promise that the more you adhere to a broken down schedule, the less you’ll worry along the way.

Make time for the things you love 
Whether it’s wine with friends, yoga, or binging on buttered popcorn in a freezing cold movie theater, be sure to regularly make time for the things that get you excited, even though you’re planning a wedding. With all the decisions to be made, you deserve — and need — time to unwind and not think about anything wedding related.

Let go of the factors you cannot control 
If you’re stressing non-stop about your wedding day weather or whether or not Aunt Betty will try to start a conga line after three martinis, you need to stop. Let go of hypothetical situations and factors you cannot control, and soothe yourself by taking pride in all the details you’re able to oversee — like your flowers, dress, signature cocktails, and wow, you have a lot to do …

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Think like a wedding guest 
If you find yourself stepping into the quicksand of stress take a deep breath and think like a wedding guest. Consider what you remember about the weddings you’ve attended — it’s likely how the night made you feel, how in love the couple looked, how good those cocktails were (though, yikes, not a great morning), and probably not how symmetrical the flower arrangements were, or how perfectly coral that ribbon was. The point is: guests will recall your wedding in large strokes, not minute detail.

Remember why this is all happening 
Perhaps most importantly, if you feel your anxiety mounting, take some time to connect with your fiancé and remember why this whole wedding thing is happening. Schedule a date or simply reach for those misty-eyed engagement photos to center yourself, and focus on what matters most.