When did post-wedding brunches become a thing?My parents are insistent that we have a brunch the morning after. Future husband and I are pretty ambivalent, but since they have offered to pay, we are inclined to do it.

How do I keep such an event low-cost and low-key?

And who should be invited to this thing? Everyone? Just family?

We’re never convinced that ANYTHING needs to be “a thing,” but post-wedding brunches do have a purpose: they provide you some sweet, quieter time to spend with out-of-town guests, separate from the hectic blur of your wedding day. Here are a few quick tips:

  • You can invite anyone you’d like to attend — family might expect an invite, but your attendants may not.
  • Keep things easy by doing a buffet and saying “brunch will be available between X and Y o’clock.” If it’s a come-and-go event, it’ll feel casual and fun.
  • As long as it isn’t the sort of “everyone sit around the table” type thing, that keeps it pretty low key.
  • Buffets are nice like that, and with breakfast food can be relatively inexpensive.

Certainly brunch the morning after doesn’t need to be “a thing” [insert ominous music], but if it’s something that fits into your schedule and budget, it can be a really sweet wind-down to a wedding weekend.