Jeremy Landry and Sarah Isherwood had a wedding they’ll be talking about for the rest of their lives – and it’s not just because they had a lovely ceremony and reception. Jeremy and Sarah got married in Antigonish, Nova Scotia as almost 2 feet of snow fell this past Saturday! These pictures give you a pretty good idea as just how much “wedding snow” came down:

jeremy landry

Some guests’ cars were buried in the parking lot!

car snow antigonish

So the just-married Jeremy did the most politely Canadian thing he could do: he left his own wedding, attached a snow plow to his truck, and helped his wedding guests. “I plowed a path back to my place and even a few guests got out with their own four-wheel drives … we probably took 20 people back to our house.”

Jeremy, who was the only one at his wedding with a plow, spent about seven hours clearing snow and didn’t get back home until around 4:30 in the morning. “I didn’t want people shovelling.” “It was basically easier for me to go back to my house, get my truck, put my plow on it and take care of things myself.”

Jeremy just happens to plow snow during every storm. It’s not his full-time job – he works as a mechanic at a car dealership and is also a volunteer firefighter, but the plowing he did after his own wedding is a story he plans to pass on to his grandkids!

jeremy landry

jeremy landry