As a 25+ year Edmonton wedding pro and Edmonton DJ specialist I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of Edmonton wedding couples. Here’s something I know for sure: your previous involvement in planning someone else’s wedding is completely different than having your own. Now you make all the decisions and you have the final say – on EVERYTHING!

My job as an Edmonton wedding DJ expert is to ensure you understand that although I’m the pro offering you years of proven expertise, this isn’t my special day – it’s yours!

Some couples don’t ask for any advice, some only ask a little, while others ask for a lot of advice. Remember: I’m also the Edmonton wedding pro who sits through your full wedding reception – from the very start to the bitter end. Additionally I’m usually the last person leaving the room. Have I seen it all? You bet I have!

I’m always more than happy to be as helpful as I can. It’s my responsibility, commitment and passion. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing an Edmonton wedding couple appreciated and sought my involvement. To know I helped them achieve their final goal, on a day they will always remember and cherish for the rest of their lives, tells me I did my job.

If an Edmonton wedding vendor’s heart is only in their bank account and not with the couple, they shouldn’t be in this business. Thankfully I can say almost everyone I’ve worked with over the years is solidly committed to the one common goal – the success of your most special day! A wedding day is one of life’s most unique memories. It has a habit of imprinting in your mind more so than almost any other day. It all comes together on this one day. You will remember it all. Forever and for always.

Dave Shannon Music / Edmonton Wedding DJs