First of all, let me be clear that as a professional DJ company, we will or we will not play anything you do want us or you do not want us to play as we respect the fact that this is YOUR wedding! Whenever we get that dreaded “DO NOT PLAY” list,  it’s kind of like asking someone to build you a house – but then instructing them as to what tools they can use or cannot use to do the job – a job that YOU expect to be done to your highest standards – as that’s what you’re paying for!

Ultimately as the paying customer, YOU ARE OUR BOSS!  Whether you choose to rely on our expertise or direct us with your preferences, it is completely up to you!  In a best case scenario this should always be a “marriage” between you and us! You are hiring a professional DJ company, like Dave Shannon Music, because you want our experience to ensure your wedding is a spectacular success! We listen to your wants and needs and then advise you on what we feel is best. The most important point to remember is that we both want the exact same result: that one incredible wedding reception you will always remember – for all the right reasons!

Warm Wishes, Dave.