With more youth opting for digital wedding invites, we got couples to tell us what’s motivating them to ditch traditional invitations, and how receptive family and friends are to this idea.

As most of today’s generation lives a better part of their lives in cyberspace it’s hardly shocking that they would ditch traditional invites for funky, digital  ones. With each passing year the number of couples opting for email wedding invitations is increasing.

However, that has somewhat created a rift between the traditionalists and the unconventional brides and grooms to be. While the former wants to stick with the printed invite, the latter would rather opt for a greener alternative that’s also economical.

Twenty-eight-year-old, Amul Mohan, an editor of a trade magazine, says, “I chose to send email invites to about 120 of my closest friends as it was cooler, cheaper, convenient and eco-friendly.” He adds, “While I did print a batch of cards for my family I chose to send email to my friends. All I had to do was ask the printer to mail me the jpegs of the invite and I used that to make an e-invite with a software.”

Rashmi Hemrajani, a writer adds,”The reasons for opting for an email wedding invite may vary for different couples. In my case, both of us have a creative streak and we wanted to do something different. Hence, we decided to go with a video mail. We used a collage of pictures with witty captions to communicate that we intended to tie the knot soon. Since the video was uploaded on You Tube we did not mention the date and the venue but sent that out as an email with the video link later on mentioning those details,  (in the email), so that we would not have any gatecrashers.”

Gurleen Puri, a wedding planner, says, “Email wedding invites are catching on. In fact, around 15 per cent of my clients opt for it. This was not the case even three years ago.

However, not everyone is gung ho about the trend. There are those who still prefer the traditional invitation says Payal Kumar, a candid wedding photographer, who also helps couples create email invites. She says, “In India, this trend is still in its nascent stage, while I do get inquiries for email wedding invites, they are not mind boggling numbers as yet. The trend is still catching on.

No matter how unconventional the couple is, they still print paper invites for close relatives who would frown at receiving an email.” Shreya Sen, a photographer adds, “We are moving in the direction of digital wedding invites but it has not gained complete acceptance in social circles. It’s only popular among the youth at the moment.”

Richa Chedda, a parent of a soon to be wed couple concludes, “Email may be a convenient way to announce your wedding plans but I would want my kids to send out traditional invitations as our family would frown on getting these digital invites. For them they are just tacky replacements for an age old custom. Also, not everyone is online, so while the youth may be okay with receiving email wedding invites, there is a generation that still values the traditional paper invites and you have to respect that.”