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So you are probably wondering where I am going with this post already?

As you probably know we were awarded most ‘Highly Commended DIY Wedding blog’ at the wedding blog awards this month and it is something of which we are hugely proud of (if you didn’t know where have you been because we haven’t stopped shouting about it?). Both myself and Jess are quite creative, I am always finding things around the house to do up and make whereas Jess is always making gifts for family and friends at christmas. We both have our strengths and we both have our weaknesses. Jess is better at the more fiddly stuff whilst I am good with a hammer and nails – surprisingly?

So why today are we telling you not  to DIY your wedding? Well as I mentioned we all have our strengths and weaknesses and for some getting crafty is just not their bag. With the craze of handmade weddings receiving all types of hype these last few years it is not surprising that couples are feeling the pressure to DIY, but we are here to tell that is not the case!

When you think of DIY what is your first thoughts? Money saving, time saving, a chance to stamp your own personality on your day… these might be a few of the things that spring to mind when you think about DIY’ing your wedding day. However we are here to tell you this is not always true.


Emily Pettiford Bespoke Bride

DIY is a money saver?

Not always. Of course as a general rule DIY’ing can save you heaps but it really depends on what you are doing. Some things will only need a couple of supplies but what about  that hand sewn bunting that requires a new sewing machine, the glue gun for your handmade button bouquet and the good quality printer for all your stationery needs? Have you considered what will happen to this equipment when your wedding is over? Are these tools going to remain unused and the bottom of your cupboard for the rest of time aimlessly wasting money?

If saving money is your only reason for DIY’ing your wedding, my advice would be to be selective about what you make yourself and do your research. Check out how much it will cost for you to make something against what it would cost to buy.You may be surprised to find that independent sellers like those on Folksy and Etsy are selling exactly what you want at very reasonable prices.

You might also want to consider what you will be doing with your handmade items once your wedding is over something easily overlooked ? If you don’t plan on giving it to your guests and you don’t have room to store it at home then you might want to think about hiring which might be even more cost effective and will save you worry of what to do with it after.

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DIY will save us time?

This is a huge myth! Generally most DIY’s are time consuming. You might think a year is plenty of time in which to make your list of DIY’s?  Well, it probably would have been if you had actually started a year in advance, but suddenly you find yourself at 6 months, then 6 weeks and suddenly you realise you still haven’t made your favours, decor, buttonholes, bouquet and the pressure really begins to build. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for you to consider how much time you have to spend dedicated to crafting for your wedding. You might also find that friends and family have been kind enough to chip in but you also need to consider how much time they will have to spend on helping you.  If it comes to the crunch and you’re running out of time will you have the time to finish all your handmade items yourself?

Emily and Jess Bespoke Bride

DIY will allow us to put our own stamp on a wedding?

This for the most part is true, if you love nothing more than to get creative then making elements of your own wedding is a great way to do it. However don’t think DIY is the only way in which you apply your own personalities and characteristics to your wedding day. There are so many great independent suppliers out there that will have the very thing you are looking for to get that personal touch without the stress of doing the DIY.

Emily and Jess Bespoke Bride

A final word on DIY weddings!

Don’t do be tempted into DIY’ing your wedding if you’re only reason is that it is the done thing right now. I spoke to one bride last weekend who wanted the DIY look without the ‘faff’? My first thought was ‘why would you want the DIY look if you don’t like DIY?’. Fair enough if she just didn’t have the time or even if she didn’t feel comfortable making it all herself,  but to just want the DIY look is pointless. As I mentioned earlier, there are so many other ways you can add your own touch to your wedding whether it be just incorporating a theme, colours, a song, a film, even an animal but for the love of DIY do not get crafty unless you genuinely enjoy being creative, I promise you will regret it 100 paper flowers later.

Much Bespoke Love