There’s probably no other time that a woman thinks more about her hair and make-up than for her wedding. Needless to say, we all want to look our very best for the big day! And considering how much stress and work is involved with putting together a wedding, the way you look should be the most relaxed, stress-free part of the whole journey. 

I always say a woman should look like herself on her wedding day. Make-up is great and of course it enhances our beauty, but I’ve got some do’s and don’t’s to guide you on one of the most important days of your life.

Do: Prepare your skin to look its most flawless.

Beautiful, glowing skin is paramount when it comes to your wedding day; it’s the first thing your guests will notice about you. (After your gorgeous dress, that is!) You don’t want to be too rough with your skin on the day of, so a great way to lightly exfoliate before your make-up goes on is to cleanse with something like the EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge. I exfoliate with it daily and it keeps my skin free of any dullness or dryness without being too harsh. 

Don’t: Just say no to black eye shadow!

It’s your wedding day… Keep the make-up soft and natural. I realize some cultures have a specific look for wedding make-up that involves taking a more dramatic path, but if you don’t fit into that category, consider using browns and blush tones (which are universally flattering) instead of black eye shadow and heavy black eyeliner. Remember, you’re going to be wearing some variation of white, so a dark smoky eye just doesn’t seem like the ideal style. 


Do: Take the time to choose the right products for flash photography.

Whether you’re the bride or a guest, you’re going to be photographed quite a bit. And especially as the bride, these are going to be some of your most cherished photos. For the big day, skip the sunblock that comes in a white cream form. (There are sunblock sprays if you think it’s absolutely necessary depending on where you’re getting married.) The titanium dioxide and the zinc oxide in sunscreen tend to give you a pale cast when you’re photographed with flash. Also, skip the HD powder as well. Instead, to set your make-up use a colourless setting powder.

Don’t: Stay away from a completely matte face.

No one wants to look oily or sweaty on their make-up day, but a completely matte face will make you look one-dimensional. You want to give your face a little depth, so go ahead and use a matte foundation, but build on it with a little bit of highlight and subtle glow. I like to take my EcoTools Deluxe Fan brush and dip into a highlighting powder and work it into the highest points of my cheekbones.

Do: Pay attention to the colour palette you’ll be using.

For all eye colours, start with a neutral colour palette with pearls and brown tones. If you have brown or hazel eyes, add a bit of purple and/or pearly pink, and if you have blue or green eyes, champagne and rose gold complement your colouring beautifully.