We know that there are millions of last-minute details to handle on the day of your wedding, but it is important to remember to eat.  It is going to be a long, long day, and you don’t want to start to fade. But what do you eat to calm those butterflies?

First, lets start off with a couple of don’ts, courtesy of Shape

1) Coffee–don’t freak; we are not saying that a cup or two in the morning is harmful. However, an unusual amount can cause jittering and sweating. If you need a dose of caffeine, try a hot and calming cup of tea.

Coffee sgs

2) Sorbitol–what is this, you ask? Sorbitol is an artificial sweetener that can be found in liquid medicines, diet drinks, gum, and juices. It should be avoided because it can cause bloating due to malabsorption.  Ahhh!

diet soda sgs

3) Chips. You might have guessed that this is a bad choice. But it’s worth mentioning because its so easy to start munching and lose track of time.  Next thing you know,  you are feeling crummy because of all that salt and grease.

chips sgs

4) Cheesy Foods. Like chips, it may be comforting to fill yourself with cheese fries or cheesy items, but the main dairy ingredients in cheese can actually aggravate your stomach.

cheesy sgs

So is there anything else left for you to eat — Yes!

1) Eat a high protein breakfast that will keep you full and help stabilize your blood sugar. Try scrambled eggs or greek yogurt


2) Snack on healthy foods throughout the day to keep you full and happy. Try celery and hummus or carrots

hummus sgs

3) Chia seed. These guys are packed with Omega 3-fatty acids that will keep your skin glowing on your big day. You can mix chia seeds into a salad or oatmeal to make a tastier dish.

chia seeds

4) Fruits and Veggies- a great and nutrient-rich snack that will make you feel good about yourself.

fruit sgs

5) For energy, eat some oatmeal with fruit and nuts. The added nuts will also keep you feeling just full enough.

Oatmeal sgs

6) Above all else stay hydrated!

water sgs