Wedding Music: Top 9 Wedding Music Mistakes

No one can argue that your wedding dress is important and your catering should be on point, but it’s the music that your guests will remember most once the wedding is over. Music plays a role in every aspect of the day, from the ceremony to the last dance at the reception. Your music should also reflect your personality, but there some ways you can get it all wrong. Here are 9 wedding mistakes you don’t want to make.

Starting the Ceremony in Silence

Don’t make your guests wait in silence for your big entrance. They might be seated for 30-60 minutes waiting for the bridal party to appear, that could get uncomfortable. Play some music in the background to soothe their nerves as they wait.

Not Doing A Sound Check

Sound checks are especially important when you’re having your wedding in a remote location. Sounds in the environment can easily compete with and drown out the sounds from the band. Work with the performers beforehand to make sure that the elements won’t affect the music.

Playing The Wrong Music At the Church

Find out about any restrictions on the type of music that you can play in the church. Most churches restrict the playing of secular music in the main hall, so find out what’s prohibited before you make your selections. While you’re at it, you should make sure that there’s space for your live band at the altar.

No End To The First Dance

Choose the song for your first dance carefully for some not so obvious reasons. Consider the length of the song because dancing alone with spouse with all eyes on you could get uncomfortable after the first five minutes. Time the dance and practice with a demo from the band so you get the beat right.

Don’t Unearth Your Past

Go over the playlist with the DJ or band before your wedding day. You’ll want them to play the songs you approve and avoid the songs that you don’t approve of. The wrong song at the wrong time could unearth painful memories from the past and cause the floodgates to open up. Make sure that your spouse goes over the list as well.

Blowing Out the Speakers

Your wedding should be a classy event, not a frat party. Keep the volumes to a reasonable level so that you don’t offend older guests or exceed any decibel limits at the venue. Discuss volumes levels for specific intervals with the DJ beforehand, so he knows when the turn it down and when to pump up the volume. Give one of your bridesmaids the responsibility to keep tabs on the volume, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.

Playing Hard Rock During Dinner

Hard rock during dinner makes for indigestion. Music should always fit the mood, and when your guests sit down to eat they want to relax and savor the food, not think about how fast they could get away from the dinner table. A professional band or DJ will know how to select the right music to suit your guests’ mood, and that includes choosing dinner-friendly selections.

Vouching R-Rated Songs

Leave the R-rated songs for after the reception if you dare. Your friends and family won’t be appreciative of songs with provocative lyrics, so leave them for the bedroom or when you’re in the company of your spouse.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Your taste in music matters, but don’t subject your guests to all your favorite songs and nothing else. Include some selections from your favorite genre, but consider music that your guests might like as well. Group your guests into categories and choose 4-5 selections for every category. If it helps, ask guests to include a favorite song on the RSVP and you can also get some advice from the DJ. Make the event memorable by giving everyone a few of songs they like.

Avoid making these and other wedding music mistakes…and here’s to your memorable and successful wedding day!