You’ve said yes to the most important question from the love of your life. Now, though, it’s time for you to start asking questions, especially before buying your wedding gown. Here is a curated list of ten must asks for your stylist. This way, when your stylist slips a veil into your hair and your mom’s eyes well with tears, you can confidently say yes to your dress.

#1: What is the payment process?

Most boutiques require a 50%-60% deposit to order your gown. Be sure to check the fine print and review the cancellation policies. Due to the custom nature of wedding gowns, most are nonrefundable or exchangeable.


#2: How long will take for my gown to arrive?

Wedding gowns are unlike any other garment. While you typically purchase your clothing right off of a rolling rack, wedding gowns are made-to-order. All the intricate beadwork, hand-stitched appliques, and complex boning take time to construct. Typically, you should order your wedding gown 7-8 months in advance. Tight on time? Don’t worry. Many designers offer rushes and sometimes you can even purchase the sample from the salon.

#3: Are there any fees I should know about?

Your wedding gown will have a retail price set by the manufacturer. However, there can be other fees as well, depending on your unique situation. Certain sizes, rushes, and custom changes are all extra. Make sure you get the rundown so you have a realistic understanding of your costs.


#4: What size should I get?

For most designers, your stylist will measure the circumference of your bust, waist, and hips. These measurements will then dictate which standard size you should order. Since your stylist will have experience with your wedding gown designer’s size chart, be sure to get her input.


#5: Do you have in-house alterations services?

It’s always best to do alterations at the salon where you purchased your gown. That way, you’re guaranteed that your alterations specialists are experts at tailoring wedding gowns and you won’t have to worry about taking your dress elsewhere.


#6: What is the price range of your alterations?

Until your actual wedding gown arrives and the alterations specialist sees you in it, it is almost impossible to know the exact cost of your alterations. However, your stylist should have an itemized list of alterations prices or a standard price range for the salon.

#7: How many fittings will I need?

Your stylist won’t know exactly how many you need until your actual gown arrives but she can give you a good idea. Most salons will have three fittings. One for pinning, one to ensure the fit is right, and one for finalizing and learning how to do the bustle.


#8: Is there a storage fee?

When your gown comes in, some salons require that you pick it up within two weeks and store it at your home. If you leave it at the boutique, they may charge you a weekly storage fee, especially if they have a smaller facility. Check your bridal contract to see what your options are. If you do have to pick it up, don’t worry! Your boutique will give you an opaque fabric garment bag to keep it in—that way, no one will get any sneak peeks.


#9: Do you offer a discount on bridesmaids dresses?

If you get your bridesmaids dresses from the same place as your wedding gown, most boutiques will offer an incentive. Find out and make sure all your girls get the savings. They will appreciate it!

…thanks to www.DesireeHartsock.com :-)