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Your wedding colour scheme will set the tone for the entire day. Darker hues are more formal and can be considered more refined and stylish, while lighter tones are more playful and romantic. By mixing and matching different shades of the rainbow, you can achieve all sorts of different tones and settings to help set the mood for your wedding. Here are eight gorgeous colour combinations that are sure to fit any wedding style and personality.

1. Mint, gold and peach

Mint green has been an ultra trendy colour for the past few years, and with its versatility as a pastel cool color, it is easily paired with most other shades of the rainbow. It looks particularly nice when paired with gold, both matte and sparkly, as well as warmer pastel tones such as peach. This contrast of warm versus cool colours in pastel tones is enough to be eye-catching and unique, yet it is not too striking of a difference to seem mismatched. These three colours create a gorgeous rustic springtime wedding palette.

succulents peach roses wedding bouquet

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mint peach gold wedding table setting

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mint bridesmaid dresses peach bouquet

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2. Pink, grey and ivory

Another fabulous combination of pastel and neutral hues is pink, grey and ivory. Pink and grey have long been coupled together as a beautiful contrast of light and dark, and the added neutral shade of ivory completes the palette. The best part about pink and grey is that no matter what shade you choose to go with for either colour, the pair will still look great together. Baby pink and charcoal grey go hand-in-hand just as well as dark pink and light grey, and every combination in between. This palette is perfect for a soft, romantic look at your wedding.

pink grey ivory wedding bouquet

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pink grey ivory bridesmaid dresses

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pink grey white wedding table setting

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3. Navy, yellow and white

If you’d like to channel a nautical theme in your wedding, navy and white is the typical colour scheme you’ll want to go with. Adding in yellow for a pop of brightness can both enhance and diminish the nautical effect; use a pale yellow to maintain the nautical theme, or use a bright or dark yellow for a totally different feel. Regardless of whether or not you are trying to achieve a certain theme, there is no question that navy, yellow and white are gorgeous colours that go perfectly together.

navy yellow white wedding cake

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navy bridesmaid dresses yellow bouquets

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navy yellow white wedding table setting

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4. Coral, teal and light grey

Two very popular colours for 2014 are coral and teal, and they just happen to pair amazingly together. These two bright hues are fun and coordinate well with a light grey to balance out the palette. Perfect for a spring or summer outdoor wedding, these shades are sure to create a fun and happy atmosphere for any ceremony or reception. The contrast between coral and teal added with the basic neutral of light grey is a beautiful colour scheme for those who love bright colours.

coral teal wedding bouquet

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teal bridesmaid dresses coral bouquet

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coral teal grey wedding table setting

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5. Purple, silver and blue

If you’re looking for the perfect cool colour scheme for your wedding, purple and blue are great colours due to their many tints and versatility of mixing and matching. Choose from light shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac, or darker shades of purple, such as violet and royal purple. Select a shade of blue, ranging from periwinkle blue to bright dazzling blue or dark navy blue. Throw in silver in either matte or sparkly as your neutral and you’ve got a winning combination. Both purple and blue are very popular choices for uplighting your reception as well.

blue purple white orchid wedding bouquet

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blue purple silver wedding reception

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blue purple silver uplighting wedding reception decor

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6. Orange, white and goldenrod

Celosia orange is one of the trendiest colours and this gorgeous colour adds a splash of colour and warmth to your wedding. Combine with goldenrod yellow and white to make the perfect blend of warm, sunny colours. If you’re not convinced that bright orange is for you, burnt orange and a deep orange red also look great with this lovely shade of golden yellow. White is the perfect neutral colour to incorporate into this wedding scheme to add a touch of freshness and lightness. These citrus colours are perfect for spring, summer and fall.

orange goldenrod roses wedding bouquet

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orange yellow white wedding ceremony

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orange yellow bridesmaids dresses

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7. Emerald, jade and charcoal

Emerald and jade are two beautiful gemstones, each a stunning shade of green. Emerald is a richer, darker green while jade is a lighter, more muted green. The two perfectly complement one another and are both flattering colours on people of all shapes and sizes. Use alongside a charcoal grey colour to accentuate the lively, radiant emerald as well as the serene, softer jade greens. This colour scheme is perfect if you’re planning a rustic, nature themed wedding.

jade charcoal bridesmaid dresses

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jade green grey suit

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emerald jade green wedding tablescape

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8. Red, black and taupe

Red and black are two very dramatic colours that achieve a sense of romance and emotional power. They are the ideal colours to use in your wedding if you are planning a modern, formal affair that is centered around the energy of your love for one another. To balance out the darker tones, use a creamy or smoky taupe colour to lighten up the theme and create a beautiful contrast in colours. This combination of red, black and taupe is ideal for winter weddings, though the colours would look great year round.

red black taupe wedding tablescape

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black bridesmaid dresses red shoes

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red black wedding cake

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