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Check out the latest wedding styles to obsess over.

  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Roll Up


    The latest wedding styles to obsess over.

    The Roll Up

    A subtle side part is the secret to making this twirled updo look sophisticated, not childish.


  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Looped Bun


    Looped Bun

    The side-part and flower-shaped bun is an upgrade to the traditional bun–the looped portions of hair give fullness to the bun while not appearing too structured.


  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Poufed Pony


    Poufed Pony

    A touch of teasing up top gives this basic ponytail bridal status.


  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Woven Chignon


    Woven Chignon

    The trick for making a classic bun modern—use larger sections of hair and go for a looser look, not a taut, pulled-back ballerina style.


  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Half & Half


    The Half & Half

    Height at the crown, a centre part and face-framing layers keep this soft style from looking too sweet.


  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Long Waves


    Long Waves

    With a centre part and loose waves, your hair remains romantic, relaxed and natural.


  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Side Bun


    Side Bun

    The side bun still keeps a structured look while adding a white flower or accent to it makes it more playful.


  • 8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles - Swirled Side-Sweep


    Swirled Side-Sweep

    Adding a few more defined ringlets to naturally wavy strands gives you a tucked-to-the-side, unfussy updo.


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