When experts are willing to give advice, we jump at the chance to hear it! And today, the incredibly lovely and talented photographer, Oxana Brik, is dishing her top tips for taking perfect wedding pictures. Take it away Oxana…


Your special day is one-of-a-kind. You are devoting yourself to the love of your life, enjoying your friends and family, rocking your gorgeous dress, dancing all night, kissing in the beautiful summer sunset, hearing touching toasts… it’s just one day, but it will stay with you forever, both in your memories and in your photographs. I’m married and I’ve been a wedding photographer for a while now, so I’d like to share some tips on “how to prepare well and rock your wedding photos!”

1. Plan your photos

Sit down with your photographer and make a perfect plan regarding your photos from  your “must have” photos that you’ve seen in a magazine to your formal family shots. Your photographer has done a lot of weddings in the past and has a clear understanding as far as timing; how long it’ll take you to get ready, how much time you need to spend on bride and groom photos, family photos and so on.

So, find an hour or two on a weekend, grab yourself some good coffee and plan, plan, plan. Having a schedule will make your day go smoothly and will help everybody be in the right place at the right time for the photos. It’s easier to improvise when you have a plan; it’s much harder when you don’t:)


2. Pay Attention to Details

It will make a photographer’s job much easier if you have all your special things ready in the morning of the wedding; your rings, flowers (be sure to have them delivered in time), shoes, dress, any accessories, grandmother’s handkerchief, little hand-written note to your groom or any other important details that are tied to your story. When it’s all there in one place and ready in the morning, you can just relax and enjoy your day while your amazing photographer has some unique things to play with:)


3. Use Pinterest Wisely

Photography is an art. Every time a photographer composes an image he/she tries to make it unique. There’s no two photos that are the same, it’s impossible, simply because every bride is gorgeous in a different way, every location and light is unique, and techniques are different too. So if you don’t go overboard with Pinterest wedding photos and give your photographer the freedom to be an artist, you may be surprised with the photos and ideas he/she will come up with!

And yes, a lot of inspiration images can be found on Internet, but are they unique? I’ll let you answer that:)

I still remember, last summer we shot wedding in Alaska, and the bride brought a HUGE box of signs to take photos with that she found on Pinterest.  I totally understand when there is couple cute signs, like “Mr and Mrs” or “Thank you”, but our bride had at least NINE different ones!! It was way too many, simply because for the first three we were able to change poses and locations, but then the time was running out so we had to do the rest quickly and it all looked the same.. and to be honest, a little cliché.

Bottom line, if you have your “wedding photography ideas” board on Pinterest, share your thoughts with your photographer, but don’t get overwhelmed or expect the same exact photo from your artist. Instead, trust their creativity:)3

4. Wear Extra Make-up

Cameras and flashes tend to “steal” colors from your beautiful face. So if you have just plain “everyday makeup” on, it may look like you don’t have ANY makeup on the photo. That’s why it’s okay to emphasize your gorgeous features (eyes and lips especially) in order to look great in the photos. I am amazed how perfect the makeup looks when it’s done by a professional makeup artist. I recommend that you get a trial done before the wedding day and maybe even do your engagement photos that same day, so you can test how your makeup looks in the photos. Most of the time, the way it looks in the mirror is never how it’ll turn out in the photos. Many makeup artists these days are aware of this, so don’t panic if it seem like too much make up at first. Your wedding gown is not everyday dress, so  your hair and makeup shouldn’t be either!

Have your Maid of Honor carry your lipstick and tissue in a little clutch, so you could easily fix your lips through out the day.


5. Practice Posing

Spend a few minutes in the mirror to find your most flattering angles. Try these tricks: Turn your body to the side a little bit; slightly bend the leg that is closer to the camera; play with your arms – you can put one arm on your waist line and just drop down another one; bring your chin down a little, and smile! You are so beautiful!!


6. Photographing with Accessories

Hold anything you might have in your hands for your photos (bouquet, clutch or handmade sign) low, so it won’t cover the beautiful details on the top of your dress.


7. Remember to Smile

All eyes are going to be on YOU the entire day, from when you’re getting ready to entering the ceremony, to your first dance and the getaway. Your photographer is trying to catch your smiles and happy tears the entire time, so stay positive, relaxed and don’t forget to SMILE!:)


Thank you so much for taking time to read my little article, I hope you found these tips helpful! I would love to hear from you, so please leave your comment below and share this with your friends, let’s make your day unforgettable!

Check Oxana Brik’s website to see more of her awesome work!