Appy Couple
Photo courtesy of Appy Couple

So you’re planning a wedding and feeling a tad bit — oh, ya know — OVERWHELMED? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, there are a lot of intricate details to manage (like, how you’re going to get grandma across the country — lady sure hates flying!), but if you have the right tools, things can go much more smoothly. What kind of tools are we talking about? Just some super awesome apps that can help with everything, from arranging table seating to curating a great playlist. Go ahead and check them out below:

Appy Couple
How it’ll help: It’s essentially your own digital wedding website, complete with things like a story section detailing how you and your honey met, a full-service itinerary for the big day, and other important logistics.

Eversnap (formerly Wedding Snap)
How it’ll help: Imagine being able to gather all of your guests’ photos and videos and put them in a single online album. This is an organizer’s dream!

Fun Wedding
How it’ll help: Stressed about putting together a killer playlist? Consider this your personal DJ, chock-full of wedding-appropriate recommendations that you and your close ones will want to dance to.

How it’ll help: It’s exactly what it sounds like. Figure out who’s sitting where in a breeze.

Wedding Happy
How it’ll help: If you’re doing it all yourself — or trying to, at least — you need a little virtual assistant to help you stay on track.

How it’ll help: Betcha have no clue what any of your guests’ addresses are. Rather than texting them individually for the deets, this app will do it all for you and store it neatly in one place.

How it’ll help: Because: Pinterest.