The wedding bouquet is drying, your album has arrived and you have a post honeymoon ‘glow’.

What now? Well a thank you is a great way to start.

Saying thank you will lift your spirits post wedding, while politely giving thanks to your guests and wedding suppliers. People like validation that you are happy with what you gave them, be it a gift or their time.

So how to say the perfect ‘thank you’ ?


Traditionally wedding thank yous are sent or given out in card form through the post. Buy or DIY your own, ask your wedding stationery designer to wizz some up for you or ask your photographer for photo card options using your favourite portraits.


You could well have a hundred cards to write but it is lovely to receive a personal message. Whether you are thanking for helping with something in particular or about a gift you may have received or just for coming along. Write them together, and make an evening of it. Post them in the mail or deliver them by hand. Add a little gift if you so wish. But do try to make them personal to the recipient and hand write your messages.


If you feel like you received an amazing service from one or more of your wedding suppliers, why not thank them? Whether its by card or email it will make their day. They can use your lovely words as a testimonial for their website or just to give them a smile and sense of job satisfaction.


If cards just aren’t you, you want to be eco friendly or want to try something different, have a think of other ways to say thank you. Why not invite them over for a thank you meal, send a balloon or give them flowers picked from your garden.


If you are short on finances post wedding, then double up and pop thank you messages in birthday or Christmas cards. Or try using postcards as a budget note sending option.


Speed is of the essence, do them now. If you keep putting them off you won’t get round to it or think it’s a little late to send them out. Send them before people wonder if a thank you is on the way. If you have left it a little later than you hoped, still send them out, your loved ones will be so grateful to receive them.