Hello Dave,

I wanted to sincerely thank your DJ for the fantastic service he provided for us at the Edmonton Country Club on Saturday, October 8th. I think he managed to play about every “must play” song on my list and it was a long one! As well, he offered a wide variety of music to suit everyone’s taste. My only regret is that I couldn’t dance more – unfortunately you’re kind of obligated to do the small talk thing with all of your guests – I would have rather been dancing! Any special requests from us were accommodated and he was very attentive and tuned in to what was going on, versus the auto-pilot mode I’ve seen with other DJ’s. At one point he had a Bon Jovi song on, my bridesmaid’s and her husband’s FAVORITE band, and they were lip-synching and acting out the song – they were the life of the party for sure! The DJ handed my friend’s husband a mic so he could really feel like Bon Jovi on stage – thankfully it wasn’t turned on! I thought that was a fun touch. People commented after the fact what great music he played and although there apparently weren’t a large number of dancers in attendance, those that did dance, danced all night! Two of my work colleagues apologized earlier in the evening, saying that they had to leave early, yet over an hour later, they were still shaking their booties on the dance floor! I think that’s a good indication that the DJ is definitely doing something right!

So thank you for providing us with great music, (and a great DJ), for our celebration. I appreciated your willingness to meet with us whenever, whereever, and make sure that we were comfortable with everything prior to our set date. We would definitely not hesitate to recommend your company to friends, family, or prospective clients of yours. Thanks again!!


Lisa Gromnisky & Shawn Bresden