A wedding is a happy, celebratory occasion – but throw a pair of painful shoes or an ill-fitting dress into the mix and you might feel more bummed than beaming.

Here are five things you can do to help ensure you stay comfortable on your very special day:

1. It’s all about the fit. Experts recommend having two or three dress fittings to ensure it’s altered properly to your proportions, but we’re not just talking about the dress here — shoes and even the undergarments you plan to wear should get test-runs as well.

2. Break in those dancing shoes. No one wants to worry about aching feet while walking down the aisle or busting a move on the dance floor. Wedding planning timelines advise breaking in your shoes a week or two before the big day.

3. Practice makes – hair and makeup – perfect. Use the hair and makeup trials, (about 3-4 weeks before your wedding, per TheKnot.com‘s checklist), to ensure your look of choice will stay put and feels comfortable. Don’t just assume false eyelashes will feel fine if you’ve never used them before, and if an up-do’s hair pins hurt your head or the style doesn’t stand up to all the dancing you plan to do, better to find out before your wedding day – and then revise if necessary.

4. Pack an emergency kit. Better safe than sorry, right? Knowing it’s stored in a safe, but easily accessible, place will give you peace of mind, should any wedding day disasters arise. Stock it with essentials like stain remover, a small sewing kit, safety pins, extra earring backs, hair pins, aspirin, eye drops, dental floss and chalk – to cover up any last-minute dress smudges.

5. Treat yourself. Mental comfort is just as important as the physical kind. Between all the prep and planning, schedule some time for a massage or a facial as the big day. After all, it’s your day and a relaxed bride is a happy – and comfortable – one!

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