This is a great article on how to incorporate social media in your wedding and I’m certain you’ll find it helpful!  Warm Wishes, ~Dave~

A few months ago, my sister Betsy said “YES!” when her boyfriend popped the question. Suddenly all of those pins on her “dream wedding” board actually meant something. We’ve spent endless hours on Facebook messenger chatting about various links, Etsy finds and what not.

Something that Betsy is having to think about, that I never had to think about at my wedding 16 years ago, is the role of social media at her ceremony and reception.  Some people shun it, others embrace it – but just like what flowers you will carry, you now choose what the presence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. will be as you say your “I do’s.”

Curious to what others thought, I asked a group of  girls who are newly married, some-what newly married and a few brides, about how social media can be incorporated into a wedding. Here are there thoughts on including this new medium for communication:

Make the Rules Clear to Your Wedding Guests

social media rules at a wedding

If you don’t want people tweeting during the wedding, state it. If you want people to post pictures on Facebook, let them know. It’s your wedding, don’t go to BRIDEZILLA – but let your requests be known.

Make a Hashtag For Your Wedding

hastag your wedding

Thankfully more and more people are grasping the idea of how to use hashtags. Place signs in visible locations and in your wedding program, what hashtag you want your guests to use.

Setup a Place for Guests to Upload Photos

share wedding photos online

Your guests will take photos and while they won’t replace a professional wedding photographer, these shots will give you a different glimpse at your wedding festivities. Create a place for your guests to upload all of their photos. One suggestion is to create a folder on Google Drive, set it to open and share the link in your wedding invite or wedding program.

Have Someone Tweet For You

 tweet at the wedding

Want to guide the conversation of your wedding? Have someone tweet your event for you. This doesn’t have to be a professional (though, did you know you can hire someone to do this for you?) – just someone who can speak your voice.

Create a Wedding Site

wedding website

Create a wedding site! The Knot offers a free option, or setup a blog (learn about different blog platforms).  Include information about the ceremony. Use the wedding website as your home base information about your wedding ceremony, offer online RSVP, list your wedding social media rules, your hash tags, the place where guests can upload photos and your love story.

One thing I can say for sure – I am so glad I was married pre-Pinterest and pre-social media. Don’t let all the details bog you down, but if social media is prominent in your life – it’s something you will definitely want to think about on how you include on your big day.

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