There are some wedding pros who stand out from the crowd – they are successful, happy and have wonderful clients. What is their secret?

Here are the 5 things that these successful business owners do:

1. They are passionate

Successful wedding professionals don’t just like their businesses– they are trulypassionate about their work and they share that passion with their clients. Whether they love providing amazing photography or helping clients pick the perfect dress or flowers, it shows in everything that they do.

2. They take their business seriously

Top wedding pros treat their business like a business, not a hobby.  They have a plan and execute it: from lead generation and marketing to staying on top of client work, they have systems in place that keep everything organized.

3. They know how to attract their ideal client

These wedding professionals know exactly who they want to work with and how to find them. Their marketing is set up to appeal to their ideal client’s problems and they emphasize their services as a way to solve them.

They also know that having a strong business image is important – from marketing materials to their website and social media; they know their brand and keep everything consistent.

4. They share their time and expertise

They know that people like to buy from and be associated with experts. They build up their expertise and share that knowledge with clients and colleagues through blog posts, social media and networking events.

5. They invest in ongoing education

Have you heard the saying ‘learners are earners?’

It has been shown that business owners who invest in themselves through ongoing education are more likely to earn more.  Top wedding pros stay current with the latest trends and find ways to use these trends to their advantage in their marketing.

In addition to knowing what is new in their field, wedding pros who keep up with the latest wedding business marketing information have an edge. Whether you purchase an online course, attend national conferences like Wedding MBA or simply keep up with industry blogs or magazines, ongoing education is a key part of building a successful wedding business.