You have spent hours painstakingly creating a gorgeous wedding cake. So, now you just snap a quick picture and you are done, right? Not if you want your cake to be magazine-worthy. Sarah, owner of Sarah’s Stands, joins us today with 5 key tips to make your cake picture perfect.

Navy and White Tennis Themed Wedding Cake

Cake by La Patisserie Chouquette; photo via Squire Fox

1. Use a cake stand

I know I am biased, but look at any wedding magazine and you will rarely see a cake without awedding cake stand. The cake stand is the stage on which the wedding cake shines. It elevates and accentuates the cake. It is that fabulous pair of high heels that complete the wedding cake outfit. You have spent countless hours perfecting your confectionery masterpiece, don’t just place it on the table. Give it the presentation it deserves.

Three White and Floral Cakes

Cakes via Cake Designs; photo via Vue Photography

2. Hide the cake board

A magazine-worthy cake almost always has a cake stand but one item you will never see is a cake board. So, make sure the cake board is well hidden. Having the cake board peek out is like letting the slip of your dress show. It can really distract from a dazzling dress. Instead, build the cake board into the design of the cake, use icing or a ribbon. I have seen numerous delightful ways to hide the cake board so get creative.

Wedding Cake on Display

Photo via the Schultzes

3. Consider the lighting

Lighting is a subtle but ever-so-effective way to step up the presentation of your wedding cake. Magazine professionals spend a whole lot of time getting the lighting just right for that perfect photo. So, you can be certain taking a bit of extra time on the lighting of your cake will be well worth it. If your event is a nighttime affair, place some candles around your cake to set the mood with a golden glow. A wedding in a grand ballroom can have a spotlight directed at the cake to highlight it — just make sure the light is not too hot or your cake will melt. Or, if it is a rustic, elegant event in the countryside, simple rays of sunlight streaming through a window would be a perfect touch.

4. Don’t forget the decor

You can have the most stunning cake in the world but, if you don’t set the stage to display it, you will not get that “wow” reaction you were hoping to achieve. Take a closer look at that cake photo you love. See the artfully placed cake knife and server? How about that beautiful lace linen draped on the table? It’s the details that will take your wedding cake from nice to amaaaazing. Think about decor items like a wedding cake stand, the cake knife and server, the table linen, candles and flowers. These should work in harmony with the cake design.

Romantic Wedding Cake with Pastel Sugar Flower

Cake by Ashley Cakes

5. Choose the location

The background of your photo gives your wedding cake context. It allows the viewer to envision the entire wedding through the lens of the cake. Think about the backdrop for your cake photo. Will there be a funky brick wall behind it? Some gorgeous drapery? Or, maybe it will be framed perfectly by a set of windows? Place your cake table in just the right spot and you will get some killer photos, just like the pros.