If you know a soon-to-be-married couple whose tiny apartment can barely fit another cookie sheet or kitchen appliance, or you just want to switch up your gifting style, we’ve got some wedding gift inspo for you. Our suggestion? Give them a personalized gift that’s chock full of the essentials for an unforgettable date night together. Check out these DIY wedding gift baskets that go waaaaaybeyond measuring cups.


movie night throw

1. Herringbone Throw ($78): They’ll need a soft throw blanket so they can snuggle up together on chilly evenings.

movie night movie

2. Classic Movie or Television ($10+): Whether it’s Pretty Woman or the first season of Orange Is the New Black, give them something they’ll love to watch over and over again. (via Touchstone Pictures)

movie night seasoning

3. Popcorn Seasonings: You can buy them or DIY them, but adding some popcorn seasonings to the basket will give them popcorn that’s a step above the rest. (via Evermine Blog)


romantic candle

4. Candles ($42): Candlelight is the easiest way to take any room from blah to ooh la la. Get the romance started with a candle or two.

romantic wine

5. Bottle of Wine: Romance and wine just go hand in hand. Treat the couple to a good bottle of red or white. (via Black Bride)

romantic oil

6. Body Oil ($28): Body oil is not only a great way to relax, but will also help them get their sexy on after all that stressful wedding planning.


camp duffel

7. Neon Camp Bag ($124): If you include a multi-pocketed camp bag like this, you won’t even need the basket to wrap this gift.

camp soap

8. Field and Camp Soap ($17): Soap can be an easy necessity to miss when going camping. Make sure they’re covered with this organic, amazing-smelling soap.

camp cutlery

9. Biodegradable Cutlery ($16): The less you have to wash, the better. These wooden utensils don’t even have to be thrown in the trash.

camp coffee

10. Coffee Maker ($35): You know they’ll need coffee to get them hiking up and down those hills. Here’s an easy way for them to get it while they’re in the woods.


hot chocolate mix

11. Mexican Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix: Give the gift of a steamy cup of hot chocolate with this homemade cocoa mix. This makes the perfect gift for a winter wedding. (via Baking Magique)

hot chocolate mugs

12. Matching Mugs ($15): This buy or DIY project is sure to become their new favorite mugs.

hot chocolate marshmallows

13. Homemade Marshmallows: Gift them homemade fluffiness for the perfect hot chocolate topping, and they’ll be extra thankful. (via The Clever Carrot)


honeymoon snacks

14. Parmesan Ranch Snack Mix: If the newlyweds are road tripping to their honeymoon destination, a gift that includes some tastiness is just right. (via Averie Cooks)

honeymoon bottle

15. Water Bottles ($35): Why buy water when you can fill it up yourself? Save them time and money with matching water bottles.

honeymoon cards

16. Gift Cards: Whether it’s to Starbucks, iTunes or gas money, help them eat, drink and sing their way to their destination. (via Thrifty Texan)

honeymoon book

17. David Copperfield ($19): Nothing makes a car trip go faster than a good readaloud. Whether it’s a classic or a thriller, try to pick one that fits both parties.