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Compliments Brides Want to Hear on Wedding Day

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Scientific data proves, there is no such thing as “too many compliments” for a bride on her wedding day. And while ultimately the best compliment is a genuine compliment, there are a few guaranteed phrases that every bride would love to hear on her big day. Take note and apply liberally.

“You are beautiful.”
First and foremost, every single bride wants to hear that she is so ravishing, magical, glamorous and stunning it makes you want to cry. Getting ready for this day was a marathon that likely involved more crunches and fewer carbs than any lady likes, so acknowledge her beauty abundantly, throughout the night. While all compliments are fair game in this department, it’s kindest to keep your statements focused on the bride herself, not the accouterments. For example, “Your eyes are gorgeous,” is better than, “Wow your fake eyelashes look so subtle!”

“Your dress is perfect!”
Finding a dress that flatters your body, evokes your style and suits your venue is not a walk in the park. Reward her for her hard work with a good hearty, genuine compliment about how that gown could not be more perfect for her.

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“I can’t believe how stunning these guest favors / table linens / flowers are…”
There is no better feeling for a bride than having a guest notice — and love — the details she labored over. Whether it’s a perfectly arranged bouquet or a creative table assignment, call out the little things that caught your eye.

“You two are perfect together.”
On a day that’s all about their commitment to each other, don’t forget to acknowledge and admire the couple’s relationship. To avoid cliché, call out elements specific to them as a couple, such as, “Ben brings out that belly laugh of yours better than anyone else I know,” or “I knew she was smitten when she voluntarily went to mini golf… in high heels.”

“I’m having such an incredible time, thank you!”
In the end, a couple wants to know that their guests enjoyed themselves, so any compliment centered around how much fun you’re having, how insanely awesome their dance floor is, or how delicious things are tasting, is appreciated.