Most of us don’t attend weddings with the intention of committing a major offense and yet most often somehow we manage to. At the onset of wedding season I shared some tips on how to be the best wedding guest — ever! One might think there is no need to divulge such tips — common sense right? Wrong. Chances are you’ve partaken in a “wedding don’t” and didn’t even realize it was a don’t. Or you figured times had changed making what was once faux paus acceptable.

Recently I read an article via The Huffington Post that identified some of the annoying things wedding guests do. I’m not talking about the lady who sits next to you in tears unable to get over just how beautiful the ceremony is (I’ve been her), the one who is first in line after the DJ announces the buffet is ready or the couple holding their phone in their hand during the ceremony (of course this couple has it on silent and are holding it because their little ones are at home with a new sitter). And not even the lady who dives for the flowers at the bouquet toss. Although perhaps slightly embarrassing the purpose of the bouquet toss is to catch the bouquet. The article actually referred to the annoying things that are done but shouldn’t be done. Curious to what these things are? Take a look:

1. “Crash the bride’s room” – It is very likely if she wanted you to join her in the bridal suite she would have invited you. If you aren’t a member of the wedding party or a special request for your presence has not been made then it is best not to go there. While your intentions to wish her well are kind as the article notes the timing isn’t appropriate. Congratulate her at the wedding instead.

2. Being a chatterbox – While it is nice to socialize with wedding guests (and it can make sitting at a table of strangers less awkward) there are certain times where this just isn’t appropriate like during wedding reception speeches.

3. Seat swapping – If someone took the time to create a seating chart then it is best to adhere to it. As much as you would love to sit next to your third cousin and catch up on family gossip save it for the dance floor or call them later.

4. Take home something besides the favors – The centerpieces are beautiful but they aren’t for you. In some cases couples have been charged for items that guests took home. Not to mention sometimes the couple has plans to do something special with their centerpieces such as gifting them to close family members or people who were instrumental in planning their day.