Platinum Men's Wedding Rings

Precious metals make priceless memories

Finding the perfect wedding band for a groom-to-be can be a complicated decision. There are such a wide variety of metal options available today, and many of them are quite different then those for ladies. The assortment of alternative metals is wide and varied. Tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt are just a few of the unconventional choices out there.

As interesting and trendy as a lot of these styles are, I believe there isn’t any metal more classic or irresistible then the enduring metal choice of gold or platinum. Tried and true, these two options are made to last lifetimes and then some. A wedding is one of life’s most sentimental and memorable moments. All of that emotion is often captured and symbolized by the wedding ring.

As life grows and changes, so do our fingers

While most alternative metals can never be adjusted, platinum or gold (which includes yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold) is made to withstand years of growth and change as well. When completed by a master goldsmith, platinum and gold can be altered to have your wedding ring sized to accommodate for growing or shrinking finger sizes.

Make your ring a treasured heirloom

The heirloom appeal of a precious metal is often not fully appreciated until major milestone anniversaries have come and gone. I’ve seen countless clients bring in their father’s and grandfather’s wedding bands crafted in platinum or gold to have adjusted for their own wedding. The opportunity to use a family piece that is such a lasting commitment and symbol of love is truly a testimony to the life-long quality of a precious metal.

Invest in quality for a lifetime

Wedding planning is filled with never-ending list of wedding expenses, which of course also includes the wedding band. The investment in a precious metal can be one more budget challenge to face. However, when marriage is made to last a lifetime, it’s a wonderful thing to have a band that is made to do the same!

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