The Shoe Game
Photo from 11 offbeat questions for The Shoe Game by Jamie Owens

Is it rare to be encouraged to steal something? We happen to encourage you all to steal our Offbeat Bride ideas rather a lot. In fact, one of our biggest archives is full of wedding ideas that we’d really like you to steal, pretty please.

But I couldn’t get all of my favorites on this list (though I made sure to include my favorite tip for a post-ceremony activity). What I’m saying is, you should go have a wander through that once you’re done with these 30 of my favorites.

1. Play rock-paper-scissors to decide who says their vows first.

Photo from I’ll be your rock, paper, AND scissors from Ryan Carver

2. Build your bouquet on the way down the aisle.

Gracious acceptance
Photo from Guest bouquet: let your guests help you build your bouquet from Levinine

3. Stuck for favors ideas? Give your guests IOUs!

Photo from Putting the FAVOR in wedding favors

4. Ask your friends to be in your wedding party with a fun “contract.”

three slurpees, alike in sugary dignity
Photo from A nice ‘n’ sane bridesmaids contract from AmbientQueenie

5. The popular So-You’re-Going-to-Sit-Through-a-Wedding program.

Photo from So you’re going to sit through a wedding: the funniest wedding program evar by Anne-Marie Bouchard

6. Spice up your first look with a blindfold.

Photo from Add suspense with a blindfolded first look by Amanda Hess

7. Outdoor summer reception? Don’t forget the bug spray.

Photo from Give guests natural, handcrafted mosquito repellent at your late-summer wedding by Jillee

8. Help your partner out: Paint your ring fingernail a different color.

Photo from Paint your ring fingernail for your “something blue” by Crimson and Clover Photography

9. Skip the guestbook. Have guests sign Jenga blocks!

Jenga Guest book
Photo from Build a guest book from Jenga blocks by Meghan Miller

10. Want a super-easy way to add a DIY touch to your shoes? Don’t forget clip-ons.

Shoe buttons
Photo from Express yourself with DIY fancified shoe clips by Eric Hegwer

11. Outdoor ceremony? You can still have stained-glass for a backdrop.

Photo from Hanging windows to create a sense of space at your outdoor ceremonyby W&E Photographie

12. Give your evening ceremony a romantic glow by giving everyone candles.

Bridesmaid processional
Photo from Light your evening ceremony with candles by Michael Ivankay

13. Give guests local favors from your destination wedding.

gift bags
Photo from Ask your destination venue for help finding fun local favors by Aditi Garg

14. Use soft candies for place-card holders!

The Escort Cards
Photo from Use old time-y Circus Peanuts to hold your place cards by Hitched Studios

15. Don’t forget about dressing up your tattoos for your wedding too!

Brides blinged out wedding tattoos
Photo from Bedazzle your ink for the wedding day by You Can’t Be Serious Photography

16. Offer healthy, snackable favors in the form of fruit bouquet centerpieces.

Fruit bouquets at your tables
Photo from Feed your guests and fix all your problems with fruit bouquets! by Sharyn Frenkel Photography

17. Did you and your partner have an online romance? Make a bouquet from your early love letters!

Photo from Make flowers out of love letters (or emails) by Vladimir Chaloupka

18. Centerpieces don’t have to be complex to have wow.

Photo by Alders Photography
Photo from Keep it cute and simple with this mini-succulent + tea lights centerpiece combo by Alders Photography

19. Trade day-of wedding duties with other engaged friends.

Our amazing coordinators. Thank you!
Photo from Trade day of coordination duties with other engaged friends by Carly Bish Photography

20. Where my runners at? Use your bibs as table numbers!

Race numbers as table numbers, carnations
Photo from Save your race numbers and use them as your table numbersby Justine Johnson Photography

21. Not into the idea of a personal shower? Ask for potted flowers to spruce up your wedding day!

No Dead Flowers
Photo from Ask your shower guests to gift you flowers from Wendy

22. Check out this unity ceremony with an umbrella and “prosperity mix!”

Photo from Show that you can weather life’s storms together under a ceremonial umbrella by 39 East Vision Photography

23. We love chalkboard signs. Grab some silver trays and some chalkboard paint, yo.

Silver trays as chalkboard signs
Photo from Turn trays into elegant, wedding-ready chalkboard signs by Lakshal Perera

24. Consider scheduling in some serious down time after your ceremony.

Photo from Squeeze a little afternoon delight into your wedding day from Susabellas

25. If your photog’s rad, don’t forget to take a photo with them!

Posing with our awesome photographer (Andrew & Lauren's wedding)
Photo from Pose for an adorable photo with your photographer by Asteria Photography

26. Who says you’ve got to eat with everyone else? Have a private dinner alone.

Photo from Set up a secret “getaway table” for a post-ceremony private meal byTonhya Kae and Michael Rowley

27. Eschew the slippers and sandals: get your guests fuzzy socks to dance in!

View More:
Photo from Jillian & Martin’s BBQ & craft beer garden wedding by Darren Kelley

28. Greet your guests by serving them dessert.

Photo from Instead of a receiving line, serve your guests dessert by Gillian Gamble

29. Photo booths are fun. But have you thought about TATTOO booths?

All photos by Tino and Pip.
Photo from Tattoo your guests temporarily with a vintage-styled tattoo station by Tino and Pipp

30. Show your guests who you are with spice jars on your cake!

Spice jars as cake toppers
Photo from Show your guests what you’re made of with spice jar cake toppers by a guy + a girl photography

But that’s just what we think is cool. What other simple tips and tricks do you think every other engaged person should know about? And if you need even MOAR inspiration, take a waltz through our archives with hundreds of steal-worthy ideas!