We’ve been seeing all kinds of creative wedding signage lately, from beautiful welcome sign ideas to the most creative menus and Instagram hashtag designs. One of our favorite ideas? A pretty sign to mark the ceremony aisle. It’s such a smart idea, too, especially if you have flower petals scattered down the length of the aisle and don’t want guests to accidentally step on them. Here are seven of our favorite takes on this idea.

Our Story Starts Here (above): Chalk hand-lettering on driftwood is the perfect complement to this couple’s beach ceremony.

This is Our Next Adventure: The rectangular wooden sign is a nice, crisp contrast to the lushness of the ferns and blooms lining the grassy aisle.

It Was Always You: Pair a romantic phrase with wispy ribbons in your color palette for a more ethereal look.

Pick a Seat, Not a Side: Such a clever way to encourage guests to sit wherever they’d like.

From This Day Forward: This pretty wooden sign pairs perfectly with the elegant mahogany ceremony chairs.

Better Together: String paper mache letters on ribbon to rope off the ceremony aisle.

Couples’ Names and Wedding Hashtag: Spread the word about your hashtag by placing it prominently along the aisle so no one will miss it.