…with many thanks to Marian at Bride & Breakfast!

There are endless wedding favour ideas out there, from kits, homemade goodies, D.I.Y. crafts, to personalized memorabilia, and of course, you only want the best for your guests, right? After all, it’s a way of saying thank you to them for spending their day with you!

So for the brides out there looking for favors, don’t worry! We’ve scoured every nook and cranny of the net for ideas and here are 22 of the best!

1. We can never go wrong with s’mores.

[Photo: My Life at Playtime]

[Photo: Celebrations]

2. Or how about a little sweetness?

[Photo: Small Home Big Start]

Because you know… we’re simply meant to bee!

[Photo: Etsy]

3. Recipe sheets can work too!

[Photo: Off Beat Bride]

4. And why not be forever young with these coloring sheets?

[Photo: Something Turquoise]

5. For the musically inclined, here’s a cool idea!

[Photo: Honestly WTF]

6. Or how about sharing your playlist?

[Photo: A Beautiful MessChil Studios and Amazon]

7. Take a look at this genius Miracle Elixir that Jim and Saab handed out at their wedding!

[Photo: Megan Young]

8. Outdoor weddings? Why not give out something they can also use during the day! Some sunglasses, perhaps?

[Photo: Nice Print Photography]

[Photo: Fab Mood]

9. Or how about slippers? Check it out here!

[Photo: Don Yap]

10. And it might get hot during the ceremony. These fans can be of great use too! More of this wedding over here!

[Photo: Mark Cantalejo]

11. In case of emergency, this favor might just save a life!

[Photo: Etsy]

12. Maybe hand out a totally awesome token they can display on their bedside table? (In case of a craving emergency!)

[Photo: All Women’s Talk]

13. Or if you and your SO are Starbucks lovers, you might want to give out this perfect blend!

[Photo: Etsy]

14. Parasols to go with your sunglasses at a beach wedding? See more here!

[Photo: Metrophoto]

15. May it be a single bottle or a six pack, we’re sure your friends would love to receive this!

[Photo: Wonder How To and Burnett’s Boards]

16. Wrap up popcorn kernels, package it nicely, put a witty phrase, and voila!

[Photo: Ever Mine]

17. How about a slice of pie? Everyone loves pie!

[Photo: The Sugar Diva]

18. Organic soaps are a good idea too!

[Photo: Emmaline Bride]

19. Be eco-friendly and give out these seeds!

[Photo: I Do I Do I Do]

20. These mini D.I.Y. hot chocolate jars are the cutest!

[Photo: Hitz Wedding]

21. And have you ever thought of giving out a huge pack of bubble wrap? That would be soooofun! And a great stress-reliever too!

[Photo: U-Create Crafts]

22. And when everything’s all said and done, why not give out a midnight snack kit for your guests? We’re sure they’ll appreciate it especially when driving back home!

[Photos: Pinterest and Charlottes Fancy]

I wouldn’t mind receiving any of these favours! My personal favorite would have to be the bubble wrap! What’s yours?