They say hindsight is 20/20 and that’s certainly true when it comes to wedding planning.

When you’re in the thick of it, it’s easy to get bogged down in all of the tiny little details — the save-the-dates, the favors, the centerpieces etc. That’s why we asked married men and women to tell us what unconventional wedding advice they wish someone had told them before they walked down the aisle.

1.Go for a walk after the ceremony and before the reception, just the two of you.” –John Sipf

2. “Have a few disagreements along the way with your groom-to-be. Don’t pick fights, but don’t back away from them either. Wedding planning is likely one of the first stressful experiences you will have together as a couple. Life will throw many more hurdles along the way, so you might as well get familiar with how you will tackle problems together.” – Jessica Wallace

3.Have snacks delivered and ready when you get to your hotel room after the wedding. You’ll probably be too busy to eat dinner!” – Audrey

4. “Choose a wedding cake you actually want to eat.” – Mary McDonough Clark

5.Go simple! We got married at my parents’ home and will celebrate 45 years next week!” – Melinda Greer Green

6. “Don’t do a traditional wedding all the way through. Put quirky stuff in that’s reflective of you as a couple to keep it interesting.” – Lena Covington

7.Do not spend money on favors for guests. They will never care about the token remembrance like you will!” – Suzanne McCormick

8.Splurge the most on the honeymoon! It’s one of the best parts!” – Jamasee Simms

9. “When it comes to picking your wedding party, don’t be guilted into choosing a family member who doesn’t fit the bill.” – @EarthAngel172 via Twitter

10. “Don’t let Pinterest stress you out. You don’t need to spend tons of money or DIY everything to have a beautiful wedding.” – Julia Pavlovski, Wedding Wise

11. “Look at unconventional venues! Libraries, museums, art galleries etc.” –Jamasee Simms
library wedding

12.Stop obsessing. It’s just one damn party.” – Tamara E. Cohen

13.Do your speeches before the meal starts. That way those speaking can actually enjoy their meals.” – Jane Blacklock ‏

14. “Don’t overspend on the dress. Check top name brands that sell evening gowns, not just bridal stores.” – Anne P.

15. “Take a moment alone together to absorb the magnitude and beauty of what you’ve just created!” – Charlotte R. Quider

16. “If you cannot personally afford it without borrowing or putting it on credit cards,then don’t do it. Keep it small, intimate, memorable and manageable.” – Carrie Pekarek

17. “Write thank-you notes as gifts come in. Don’t wait!” – Mary Ellen
wedding thank you

18. “My advice would be keep it simple and romantic. My wedding was a simple occasion at the beach, with only relatives and a few close friends followed by a simple dinner at a local place.” – Robert Lynn

19. “Make your wedding as personal as possible since it signifies the start of your new life together. Focus on the special touches that symbolize you, your partner and your lifetime together, more than anyone or anything else. Think of this as the kickoff to your lifetime of marriage, and make it a great day.” – Abigail Wilson