If you rock a bold lip on the daily, don’t skimp on your big day! This look is great for the girly girls who want to show their personality.

If you rock a bold lip on the daily, don’t skimp on your big day! This look is great for the girly girls who want to show their personality.

17 pro makeup tips for your wedding day

Published on February 11th, 2014 | by Ivy Boyd

On your big day, make sure to follow these tips for a flawless look:


  • Schedule a makeup trial prior to the big day. This should be a must, not an option, unless your makeup artist is your best friend and knows you better than anyone. But even then, you still should. You will want to make sure you and the makeup artist are on the same page. A dark brown smoky eye could mean something entirely different to you than it does to your artist.
  • Utilize Pinterest and even photos from weddings you’ve attended where you thought the bride looked especially stunning. For makeup artists, who are visual people to begin with, photos are a wonderful resource and tell us exactly what you’re attracted to.
  • Discuss what look you’d like for your bridesmaids’ makeup. I know it sounds like you’re being a control freak, but if you let everyone choose for themselves, you could end up with one bridesmaid rocking a super smoky eye and another with a bold red lip. In photos, it can look inconsistent and like everyone is attending a different wedding.
  • Ask for lip liner under your lipstick or gloss, even if you never wear it and think it’s from 1985. Lip liner will give your lip color something to anchor to, ensuring it will wear much longer. Make sure to fill in your entire mouth, not just the outside edge.
  • Ask your makeup artist for a little lipstick and maybe a little concealer to touch up with throughout the day. Most makeup artists will want their masterpiece to look perfect all day so they’ll be happy to send you with some of the lip color or a dab of concealer if you need to touch up.
  • Pack some blotting sheets in your bag and utilize for touch-ups rather than layering on powder.
  • Consider a teeth whitening session the week of your wedding.


  • Don’t apply sunscreen prior to your makeup application. You may have heard this before but the sunscreen can reflect a camera’s flash back, causing your face to look white. It isn’t as much of issue with professional photography but camera phones will pick it up.
  • Don’t request a look too similar to your everyday look. This is the day of all days! Natural is fine, but you’re going to wear more makeup than usual and that is OK.
  • Don’t get a peel, spray tan, waxing or threading less than three days prior to your wedding day. If you haven’t ever had a spray tan or waxed, do a trial run for this too. Don’t wait until three days before the big day to get your eyebrows waxed if you never have as some people can be sensitive to the wax.
  • Don’t do a bright red lip unless this is your go-to look. This is not the day to go big and bold or trendy.
  • Don’t be afraid to venture outside the french manicure.
  • Don’t do a thick line of liner. I can’t really think of any instance that thick liner looks soft and romantic.
  • Don’t skip a setting spray.
  • Don’t ask your makeup artist to cover tattoos for anyone but you. I hear it a lot. “My grandma won’t like it,” or “I don’t want my mother-in-law to see them.” If your tattoos bother you in your wedding gown, cover them. But only for you.
  • Don’t choose a look with harsh, severe lines, including overarched brows or sharp angles.
  • Don’t glitter yourself. A light shimmering powder can highlight collar bones and shoulders subtly, but no glitter should be present on the bride.