Your wedding guest book is a keepsake you’ll hold on to for years and years to come. That’s why you should ditch the standard pen and paper in favour of something with a bit more pizazz! Here are 16 out-of-the-box ideas that will always make you look back on your most speical day with a big ol’ smile :-)


Love to travel? Have your guests sign a globe.

 Build~ memories with a Jenga block guest book.
 Ask them to snap a quick pic to accompany their well wishes.
 Hang ten with a surfboard guest book.
 Or hit the slopes with this ski lift variety.
 Sign some wine because love, too, gets better with age.
 Set up a message-in-a-bottle to be opened on your anniversary.
 Or go mad with some Mad Libs.
  Fall *sew* in love with this DIY quilt.
 Have guests sign little discs and drop them into a special frame.
 Rock out with this guitar guest book.
 Ask guests to impart their words of relationship wisdom.
 Have family and friends “leaf” their thumbprints and watch love grow.
 Turn a signed tree stump into a commemorative coffee table.
 Dribble your way down the aisle with a signed basketball.
 Or ask guests to autograph a family jersey.