Yes, your wedding is all about you, but in reality, you’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about other people. From picking out dresses your bridesmaids will agree to wear to considering what food to serve to all your guests, there are a lot of people to take into consideration. Besides you and your soon-to-be husband or wife, probably the most important person you’ll want to consider is your mom. She’s been there in the background, supporting and helping you through life, and you’ll want to acknowledge how special she is. Check out these 15 thoughtful and sweet ways to make your mom feel extra special on your big day.

1. Share the Moment: Your mom is probably helping out behind the scenes, so make sure she’s not missing the fun little moments! Get her input on making the invitations, putting together favors and playing all the bridal shower games. She’ll appreciate being included on all the little moments, not just the big ones. (via Style Me Pretty)

2. Come Together: No one can ever replace your mom, but a marriage means you’re getting another motherly figure in your life. Make your mother-in-law feel special, too. Go out for a girl’s lunch with your mom and mother-in-law to show them both how important they are to you. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Dance With Her: It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride, you can still have a mother-daughter dance. Traditionally, dad gets a lot of the spotlight moments, from the walk down the aisle to the dance, but mom deserves to have a moment to shine, too. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Walk Down the Aisle: Choosing someone to walk you down the aisle is a big decision, but walking with you would be the highlight of your wedding day for mom. If you don’t want to leave dad out, have them both walk with you for a once-in-a-lifetime moment together. (via Style Me Pretty)

5. Wear Something Borrowed: If you’re sticking with the traditional mantra of wearing something borrowed, why not ask mom for something of hers? Maybe wear something she wore on her wedding day for an extra special touch. (via Style Me Pretty)

6. Ask Her to be the Matron of Honor: Is your mom more best friend than parent? Have her be an actual part of the ceremony and stand at the front with you for a beautiful mother-daughter experience. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Display Her Wedding Pictures: Celebrate your mom’s testimony to the power of marriage with pictures of her big day displayed at your reception. Go back even further and have your grandma’s wedding photos displayed, as well. (via Elizabeth Ann Designs)

8. Let Her Give a Speech: Moms have a lot of wisdom to share, so if she loves talking let her give a speech at her reception. Likely, she’ll have everyone in tears in no time. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

9. Write a Special Acknowledgment: Acknowledge how much your mom means to you with a thank you letter or a poem dedicated to her written in the program. (viaStyle Me Pretty)

10. Include Her in the Getting Ready Fun: Don’t just let mom help you get ready. When you and your bridesmaids go out to get your hair and nails done, take mom along for some well-deserved pampering. (via Style Me Pretty)

11. Recreate a Moment from her Wedding Day: If you have a favorite photo of your mom’s wedding day, try recreating the pose with your photographer. Your mom will definitely appreciate the gesture, especially if you gift her with the photo later. (via Ruffled)

12. Set Aside Space to her Memory: One of the hardest things is if your mom can’t be part of your big day. Make a special section at the ceremony just for your mom by putting her photo and favorite flowers where she would have sat. (via Style Me Pretty)

13. Bridge the Generations: Take a special photo with your mom and grandma that celebrates their years of marriage as you’re setting out on your new life. (viaPreston Bailey)

14. Consider Her Attire: Even though mothers usually wear something that coordinates with the wedding colors, her outfit can be overlooked. Spend some one-on-one time with your mom and make sure she gets to wear something she really loves. (via Style Me Pretty)

15. Transport Her in Style: Arrange for a car and driver to take your mom to and from the wedding. After a long and emotional day, she’ll appreciate being taken home in style. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)