A scroll through Instagram’s popular wedding hashtags will give you hoards of #inspo, from dress styles to venues to glorious cakes. Among them is one sweet trend that deserves to be on every engaged couple’s radar: drip cakes. The fabulous craze comes in all styles and colors and features perfect drips of frosting melting down the sides. Prepare yourself for a little drooling as you scroll on to 15 of the yummiest renditions.

1. Texture Mix & Match: Ensure that your white cake is dripping with style by mixing the trend with different textures on the bottom tiers.

2. Caramel Drip: In case you were wondering, caramel drizzle is definitely pretty enough to replace fancy frosting designs. Dress it up with touches of dark floral and fruit accents.

3. Hot Pink Drip: With gold leaf *and* millennial pink drips, this naked cake is all the best cake trends mixed into one pretty, two-tier dessert.

4. Barely There Drip: Amp up the traditional wedding aesthetic with a barely there white drip and oh-so-elegant gold foil splatters. It’s simple, striking, and totally Insta-worthy.

5. Ornate Drip: Make your guests do a double take with bloomin’ bunches that are dripping with yummy goodness — literally.

6. Chocolatey Drip: Chocolate, flowers, and cake, oh my! This romantic, whimsical masterpiece looks like it took a trip under a flowing chocolate fountain, and there is everything right about that.

7. White Chocolate Drip: Faux marble is another fab trend that will mix perfectly with dripping decorations on your wedding cake. The combo is endlessly playful and sets the tone for your post-nuptial party.

8. Textured Golden Drip: Give your cake a bit of glitzy dimension with thick gold streaks that couldn’t possibly be more elegant. Bonus points if you’re willing to dangle your cake on a ledge for the ‘gram!

9. Off-White Drip: Have an elegant floral arrangement in mind for your cake? Incorporate the drip trend with a slightly darker shade than your base frosting for a subtle detail that will perfectly complete the look.

10. Messy Caramel Drip: Sometimes imperfections are actually perfect. Case in point: this messy caramel drip. You’ll be giving off all kinds of chill bride vibes.

11. Bright Blue Drip: What pairs best with a pretty pink cake? An equally striking, bright blue drip. And don’t forget to top off the fairy-tale look with a giant red blossom for extra *pop!*

12. Yellow Drip + Ombre: Hello, sunshine! Regardless of your big day’s forecast, spring and summer weddings can’t go wrong with drips of sunny yellow running down a pink ombre base. YUM!

13. Turquoise Drip: Using a bold color like turquoise on a light canvas creates a sleek, pinstripe effect. The result? An elevated take on the uber playful trend.

14. Black and White Drip: This yin-and-yang look of B&W drips running in opposite directions is a recipe for instant chicness. Leave it plain or deck it out on top like this wonder.

15. Gold Foil Drip: A cake doused in gold foil dreams?! YES, PLEASE.

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(Featured photo via @weddingchicks)