Adding personal details that are specific to you and your fiancé is what will make your wedding unique. If you don’t want to go all-out with a themed wedding, there are still plenty of ways to showcase your favourite hobbies and interests.

Get inspired by these ideas!

Ceremony Programs
A playbill would be perfect for couples who love broadway shows. Are books or sports more up your alley? Design your programs in the format of a short story or game day lineup. The more creative, the better.

Guest Book
If traditional guest books aren’t your thing, try an alternative option that’s inspired by your favorite hobby. Some ideas we love? A globe for travel junkies, old records for music lovers, or recipe cards for foodies.

Homemade Favors
If you’re a whiz at making something edible, consider whipping up a few batches and treating your guests to homemade favors.

With Your Shoes
Use your wedding day accessories to show off something you love! If you’re a dancer, sport a cherished pair of your dance shoes. If you’re a die-hard sports fan, decorate a pair of slip-ons with your favorite team’s logo.

Escort Cards
These ticket-inspired escort cards would be perfect for a theater or music-loving couple.

Wedding Party Gifts
If you and your bridesmaids or groomsmen have an activity you love doing together, surprise them with a themed gift on the morning of the wedding.

Custom Artwork
Whether you prefer painting or sketching, there’s no doubt that your guests would love to receive personalized artwork as keepsakes. These portraits are time-consuming but so worth it!

couple posing at indoor venue - erica velasco photographers

Your Venue
If you and your S.O. have a favorite place to visit, such as a museum, stadium, or brewery, who not also make it the place where you say ‘I do’?

Table Names
We love that this couple swapped traditional table numbers in favor of naming all the breweries they’ve visited together.

baseball cuff links on groom - ashley bartoletti photography

Cufflinks and Jewelry
If you’re looking to add a subtle touch of personality to your wedding day attire, wear cufflinks or pieces of jewelry that reflect something you love!

Place Settings
Add a touch of personality to your place settings with cards or other decorative accents inspired by your hobbies. This couple loves biking and playing Cards Against Humanity!

Pick a topic that you and your S.O. love, and then let your baker work their magic. If you don’t want a themed cake to be the main attraction, consider serving it as a groom’s cake or as a late-night surprise for your guests.

During Cocktail Hour
If you have a favorite game or activity (such as chess), have your guests give it a try during cocktail hour. Not only will it serve as entertainment, but you might even help one of your guests find a new interest!