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For when you can’t decide on which color is your favorite.

Groomsmen | Socks
Table Setting | Ribbon Chairs | Rainbow Cake | Heart Cake
Tulle Dress | Bow Chairs | Bouquet | Colorful Tights


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A sports-themed wedding doesn’t have to be garish. These examples show how elegant a baseball wedding can be.

“What a Catch” | Flower Girl
Baseball Bats | Baseball Centerpiece | Baseball Shoes
Invitations | Vendors | A League of Their Own Wedding


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The perfect setting for an outdoorsy summer wedding.

Summer Camp Wedding | Canoe Cooler
Camping-Themed Wedding
Mountain Cake | Log Dessert Stands


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Carnival games > dancing.

Lollipop | Ferris Wheel Seat
Carnival Food | Ticket Centerpiece | Ferris Wheel and Carnival Games


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You can wear flowers in your hair, a nontraditional wedding dress, and use colorful blankets and rugs as easy decorating pieces.

Streamers and Flowers | Paper Flowers and Cookies


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Winter venues are usually a lot cheaper to rent than summer ones, and BONUS: You can turn it into a magical snowy wonderland.

Shoes | Plate | Snowflake Bouquet
Flower Crown | Pine Needle Centerpiece | Pine Cone Bouquet | Cake | Holly Candles | Centerpieces |Holly Bouquet | Couple | Favor Box
Holly and Pinecone Decor | Berry Decorations


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It’s a good excuse to buy tons of books for your burgeoning collection.

Book Archway | Bookworm Bridesmaids
Manor Wedding | Book Cake | Books and Bows
Library Program | Book Favors | Rolodex Cards | Book Invitations DIY | Books and Plants Table | Book Table Numbers


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An absolutely dreamy idea for a forest wedding.

All photos from Tricia Fountaine.


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A glitter-themed wedding is a great way to create a celestial or gilded atmosphere while keeping the scene elegant.

Square Sequin Table Runner | Chevron Table Runner
Glitter Programs | Glitter Table | Congratulatory Confetti
Glitter Ombré Nails | Glitter Place Cards | Sequin Tablecloth |
Flower Girls | Glitter Bodice Dress


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If you keep EVERYTHING simple, you can create a gorgeous setting without having to spend a ton of money on decorations.

Black Metal Wedding Ring | Aisle | White Cake
Lily in Glass | Glass Torch Centerpiece | Diamond Planter | Gypsy Dress
Menu and Paper Crane Chandelier | Invitations | Menu | Calligraphy Invitations


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You know you’re at a graphic designer’s wedding when…

Feather Shoes | Lollipops
Votives | Table Chart | Tulle Dress
Bridesmaid Dresses | Cards


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If you can’t decide on an actual theme, incorporate THE WORLD.