11 Wedding Cakes (Almost) Too Gorgeous to Eat!

Miranda Lanzillotti


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to your wedding cake, like what the inside will taste like and what the outside will look like. Will you have multiple tiers, and if so, will they alternate flavors? Will you go with a simplistic look or adorn the cake with fondant florals? Or, will you forgo the cake altogether and serve up something else instead, like cupcakes or cake pops? To help you narrow down your wedding dessert choices, we rounded up 11 wedding cakes almost (repeat, almost) too gorgeous to eat.


1. Succulents: We don’t know what we love most, the smooth minimalist look of each tier, the succulent arrangement that’s stealing our attention or the combination of the two. We’re going to feel kind of bad about cutting into this one. (via Erica O’Brien Cake Design)


2. Red Roses: Add a pop of color and texture to a monochromatic cake. The sweeping look of the red, white and pink petals make a bold and beautiful statement to our favorite part of the wedding feast. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Ombre Cake Trio: Who says you have to have just one cake? Decorate your cake table with a trio of ombre-frosted desserts. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Petal Tiers: We are loving the many intricate petals in this multi-tiered wedding cake. The full blooms add a delicate and ethereal look to this work of edible art. (via WeddingBells.com)

5. Pure White: Keep things soft and classic with an all-white cake and waterfall of white petals. A cake like this is a blank canvas. You can incorporate your wedding colors into the cake table decor. (via Style Me Pretty)

6. Naked Wedding Cake: An outdoor summer celebration? A naked wedding cake will fit in nicely. We’re thinking a layered strawberry shortcake with a helping of vanilla ice cream. (via Weddbook)

7. Nautical: If you’re planning a seaside wedding, or you and your better half are simply boating enthusiasts, inscribe your wedding cake with a nautical-themed icon — like the monogrammed anchor pictured here. (via Style Me Pretty)

8. Burlap and Lace: This combo of burlap and lace, tan and yellow, textured and smooth is artfully rustic. (via Intricate Icings)

9. Mini Cake: For a more intimate gathering, go for a small cake that will make a lasting impression on your guests. We love the presentation of this one — especially the cookies and jars of milk. (via Wedding Chicks)


10. Individual Mini Cakes: Give your guests something bite-size that isn’t quite cake, isn’t quite cupcake. Order a variety of shapes and designs to keep the dessert table colorful and fun. (via Bridal Musings)


11. Alternating Lace: For a tall cake with multiple layers, alternate designs on each tier. And add florals to the table itself. (via Bridal Guide)