…Brit.Co with even more fabutastic ideas!


1. Wrap Up a Welcome Basket Filled With Your Favorites: When Lauren’s wedding guests arrived to their rooms, they were welcomed with goodie bags filled to the brim with weekend essentials — water, a bottle of wine, a few snacks, some sweet treats (how adorbs are the his + her cookies?) and recovery kit. Carrying on with the theme of her wedding, she threw in two apples to provide a healthy option for guests to fuel up for the festivities.

2. Include a Day-of Itinerary: The more info your guests have about who-what-when-where-why-how, the smoother and less stressful it’ll be for everyone. Include a breakdown of events (infographics work best) and transportation deets in your welcome kit so no one misses a moment. (via Katie Shuler Photography)



3. Anticipate All the Feelings: LC’s vintage hankie collection served as rustic chic decor and guests chose their own to catch any happy tears during the ceremony. She expanded her collection from flea market finds and supplemented with kerchiefs from Etsy.

4. Offer Welcome Refreshments and Snacks: Lauren kept her guests happy with a self-serve bar of champagne and mocktails, complete with demi baguettes to keep appetites at bay until dinner.

5. Save Them From Sinking: Next to cobblestone streets, grass might as well be heels’ worst nightmare. But that’s not a good enough reason for any of your stiletto-strapped guests to slow down — or get stuck in the mud. Solemates ($10) heel covers keep our toes above the topsoil. LC had plenty of these on hand to go around. *angel chorus sings*

6. Keep Them Warm With Stylish Layers: If you’re planning to have sunset nuptials or an outdoor cocktail hour, keep in mind that it can get a bit chilly. LC offered a bunch of pretty ruffle knit blankets ($25) to add an extra layer of warmth, but pashminas work just as well. (via Chelsey Paul Photography)



7. Let Them #hashtag Their Hearts Out: There’s nothing worse than having your wedding day Instas floating around with a dozen different hashtags, because your friends didn’t know which one to use. If you want to scroll through to double tap and regram the moments captured from your celebration, sit down with your S.O. to come up with your signature and share it on everything — your website, the invites, even at the table. Showcase this customized tray at the guestbook table, escort card table, bar or even as a centerpiece filled with foliage of your choice. (via Brit + Co)

8. Flip Flops Free for All: You’re hitched! Now that it’s official, the party can begin. You’ve booked the best DJ/band to amp up the ambience on the dance floor, and it’s your job to get your guests out there to start a dance dance revolution that will last until the wee hours of the morning. Blister-free boogie-ing FTW. (via Brittany Esther)

9. Stock Your Venue Bathroom With the Essentials: It might be the last place on your mind come your wedding day, but your guests will be in and out of the bathroom. Whether they need to freshen up because they’ve met their match on the dance floor or they need to get that red wine out before it stains, your guests will thank you for a basket stocked with items like mouthwash, pain reliever, moisturizer, mints, safety pins and detergent pens. (via Kristin Banta Events)

10. Extend the Festivities by Gifting an Experience: Lauren and William, who are big gin rummy players, worked with the Martha Stewart Weddings team to make a game-night box for guests with custom playing cards. To complete the send-off kit, Lo added mini-snack bags, rules to their favorite card games and apple-emblazoned note cards to keep score. (via Martha Stewart)